Quality Assurance and Sustainability Schemes

Singapore Good Agricultural Practice (SG GAP)


SFA encourages local farms to voluntarily adopt the code of Good Agricultural Practice (SG GAP) as a quality assurance system in food production.

Farms that opt to adopt such GAP standards are certified under SFA’s Good Agricultural Practice for Vegetable Farming (GAP-VF) Certification Scheme, Good Aquaculture Practices for Fish Farming (GAP-FF) Certification Scheme, and Singapore Quality Egg Scheme (SQES).

These current certification schemes will be revised and consolidated to become the Singapore GAP (SG GAP) Certification Scheme, where the new GAP standards, as indicated below, are to be adopted by farms. More details on the SG GAP Certification Scheme will be available soon.

GAP Standards Certification

To keep up with emerging farming technologies and market demand for high quality farm produces, and to promote responsible farming, the Singapore Standard (SS) 675: 2021 Specification for good agriculture practice and SS 670: 2021 Specification for good aquaculture practice and SS 676: 2021 Specification for good animal husbandry practice for layer farms were developed in 2021 to provide guidance to local farms on a holistic approach of farm management in the areas of food safety, produce quality, environmental management, and workers health, safety, and welfare. By following these Singapore Standards which are aligned to international standards, local farms adopt best practices for quality assurance in agriculture, aquaculture and egg production while protecting the farm environment.

Singapore Standard – SS675: 2021 Specification for Good Agriculture Practice

The SS675 caters to all indoor and outdoor agriculture systems in Singapore for vegetables, fruits, and herbs farming. It specifies best practices from pre-production to cultivation, harvesting and postharvest handling prior to delivery. The SS675 has superseded the GAP-VF standard.

Singapore Standard – SS670: 2021 Specification for Good Aquaculture Practice

The SS670 caters to various aquaculture systems in Singapore, ranging from open-cage farming and pond farming to closed containment farming systems for fish, crustaceans, and molluscs. It specifies best practices from pre-production to production, harvesting and post-harvesting prior to delivery. The SS670 has superseded the existing GAP-FF standard.

Singapore Standard – SS676: 2021 Specification for Good Animal Husbandry Practice for Layer Farms

The SS676 caters to chicken layer and quail layer farms. It specifies best practices to ensure the production of safe and high-quality produce during all phases of farm operations, including pre-production (e.g. hatchery, breeder stock and pullet), production (e.g. laying stages), egg collection, and post-production (e.g. management of spent birds, etc.), while minimising impact to the environment and upholding the welfare of animals. The SS676 has superseded the existing SQES standard. 

Certification Logo


SG GAP-certified farms are awarded with the two-star SG GAP certification mark. This certification mark is a mark of quality assurance, and farmers can use it to distinguish their produce from others in the market.

Retailers and importers will also have the option to source for quality produce from SG GAP-certified farms. Product traceability, a feature of the certification system, further assures consumers that the produce is from reliable sources.


GAP-Certified Caixinderella Makes You Green With Envy


GAP-Certified Seabasstian Water Makes It Off-fish-ial


GAP-Certified Eggs Benedette C Rolls With Eggcellent Farming


Certification Process

Please contact us via our online feedback form through the ‘Other Enquiries or Feedback’ category for information.

List of SG GAP-Certified Farms

Vegetable Farm

Farm Address

Plot Number

Yili Vegetation & Trading Pte Ltd

51 Lim Chu Kang Lane 1 Singapore 718840


Yili Vegetation & Trading Pte Ltd

1 Neo Tiew Lane 2

Singapore 719881


Kok Fah Technology Farm Pte Ltd

18 Sungei Tengah Road

Singapore 698974




Food Fish Farm

Farm Address

Plot Number

Rong-Yao Fisheries Pte Ltd

FC(I) 93E Off Pulau Ubin Coastal Waters (PU1)

FC(I) 93E

Metropolitan Fishery Group Pte Ltd (Parent Company of The Fish Farmer Pte Ltd)

FC(I)124E Pulau Ubin Coastal Area (PU1)


 Blue Ocean Aquaculture Technology Pte Ltd

1, Tuas South Avenue 6,

#02-16, The Westcom, Singapore 637021


Aquaculture Centre of   Excellence Pte Ltd


FC(I) 129E, Pulau Ubin Coastal Area (PU1)




Poultry Layer / Egg Farm

Farm Address

Plot Number

N & N Agriculture Pte Ltd

1 Lim Chu Kang Lane 9A, Singapore 718845


Chew's Agriculture Pte Ltd

150 Neo Tiew Road, Singapore 719032