Agricultural Pesticides

Certification of Pesticide Operators

General Information

Application of pesticides for the commercial cultivation of plants must be handled or supervised by a Pesticide Operator certified by Director-General, Food Administration. 

This is to inculcate good agricultural practices in the use of pesticides in local farming for the production of pesticide-safe fresh fruits and vegetables, and for the protection of the pesticide users as well as the environment against the pesticide's side effect. 

Applying for a Pesticide Operator's Certificate

Pesticide Operator's Certificate is a vocational certificate for an individual.

The owner or an employee of a commercial farm producing fruit crops, vegetable crops or ornamental plants for sale, may apply to Director-General, Food Administration to be certified as a Pesticide Operator. 

To apply for a Pesticide Operator's Certificate, please submit an application here.

Click here for more information on the application for a Pesticide Operator's Certificate.

A copy of the Certificate of Fitness can be downloaded here.

The list of SFA-licensed Pesticide Operators can be found here.


  1. Issuance of physical certificate has ceased since 01 July 2019. E-Certificate will be sent to the operator's email and he / she may print the certificate at his / her own convenience.

Pesticide Operator Training Course and Proficiency Test

As per application requirement for a Pesticide Operator's Certificate, applicant is required to complete the training course and proficiency test conducted by SFA. The training course and proficiency test is conducted in both English and Mandarin twice a year (usually in June and December).

You may refer to the latest course schedule below:

Course Details Date Session
Course conducted in English Pending Pending
Course conducted in Mandarin Pending Pending

To register for the training course and proficiency test, please register here.


Item Fee
3-year Pesticide Operator’s Certificate S$210.00
SFA Pesticide Operator Course and Proficiency Test S$38.00