Food Manufacturers

Overview of Food Establishments in Singapore

As part of SFA’s food safety system, the following food processing establishments are required to obtain a SFA licence in order to operate in Singapore:

  • Establishments where food is manufactured, processed, prepared or packed for the purpose of distribution to wholesalers and retailers. Examples include bakery and flour confectionery factories, dairy processing plants, noodles and pasta manufacturers, surimi-based product factories, etc.
  • Cold stores that are used for the storage of meat and/or fish products
  • Slaughterhouses for slaughtering of animals such as poultry

Food storage warehouses used for the commercial storage of food are also encouraged to register with SFA to safeguard the safety of food consumed in Singapore by enabling the traceability of food products in the supply chain.

For information on the setting up of food establishments, please refer to this section.

Inspection & Sampling at Food Processing Establishments

SFA regularly inspects all food processing establishments to ensure that licensees and their food production personnel adhere to good manufacturing practices and implement food safety programmes such as Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) for the safe production of food.  Inspections also enable early detection and rectification of procedures and practices that may be hazardous or pose contamination risk to food.

SFA may also collect food samples from the licensed establishment for laboratory analysis to monitor if these samples comply with the standards stipulated in the Food Regulations. SFA will also send a report detailing the inspection findings to the licensee for their follow-up, where applicable.

Enforcement Action

Food safety is a joint responsibility. While SFA ensures that regulatory measures are in place and are enforced, the food industry must also do their part to comply with SFA’s food safety requirements and ensure that the food they offer to the public is safe for consumption.

Under the Wholesome Meat and Fish Act and the Sale of Food Act, SFA has the legal power to take enforcement action against any licensee who is found in breach of the licensing conditions or has contravened any provision of the Acts.  These enforcement actions can range from a stern written warning to a composition sum as stipulated under the Acts.  For cases of severe violations, SFA may suspend or revoke the licence until rectification has been completed satisfactorily.