Recognition Programmes

Food Cargo Inspection Bodies Recognition Programme


The Food Cargo Inspection Body Recognition (IBR) Programme aims to establish a network of third-party inspection bodies recognised by SFA. These inspection bodies are recognised for their capability to support the export, transhipment and re-export needs of the food industry. The Food Cargo IBR Programme also serves to ensure that the inspection activities performed by recognised inspection bodies are effectively carried out.

SFA-recognised inspection bodies can be engaged to support the NZ-SG-EU meat transshipment route currently and meet the food cargo inspection needs of the food industry i.e. in-house quality inspection, inspection for export certification.

Key criteria for third-party inspection bodies to meet in order to be recognised by SFA include:

  1. Accreditation to ISO/IEC 17020 by the Singapore Accreditation Council covered under the scope of recognition;
  2. Appointment of an authorised examiner under Singapore’s Wholesome Meat and Fish Act 1999;
  3. Fulfilment of on-site verification by SFA (compliance with stipulated requirements) and foreign Competent Authority where required; and
  4. Completion of mandatory training courses on inspection competency

Application / Renewal

Application / Renewal Requirements

To successfully apply or renew your status as a recognised inspection body, the applicant needs to meet the following key requirements of the Food Cargo Inspection Body Recognition Programme:

1. Have local inspection facilities to support the programme

2. Be accredited by the Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC) to the ISO/IEC 17020 standard and Technical Note CI 01

SFA will assess the application and recognition will only be granted to inspection bodies that meet the Food Cargo IBR Programme requirements.

Note: SFA will not charge the applicant any IBR Programme fee (new application fee, change in scope fee, and annual renewal fee) in 2024.

Application / Renewal Process

The following flow diagram depicts the general application and renewal process:

IBR Application

Application / Renewal Resources

  • Food Cargo Inspection Body Recognition Programme Terms & Conditions^
  • Application / Renewal Form

^ Third party inspection bodies seeking new application/ renewal of recognition may submit a request for the Terms & Conditions documents via SFA’s online feedback form. Under category, select ‘Other enquiries or feedback’.

Recognised Food Cargo Inspection Bodies

The inspection bodies recognised under the Food Cargo IBR Programme are listed with details as follows:

Inspection Body Name  Contact Details Recognition Status 
CCIC Singapore Pte Ltd

81 Science Park Drive

#03-02 The Chadwick 

Singapore 118257

 Inspectorate (S) Pte Ltd

28 Ayer Rajah Crescent


Singapore 139959