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Food Safety: A Shared Responsibility

Food Safety: A Shared Responsibility

As consumers, we all expect our food to be safe. However, food can potentially become contaminated through improper practices from the time it is produced to the time it is consumed. The assurance of food safety requires the combined effort of the government, the food industry and the consumer.

Role of the Government

The government is responsible for establishing a framework that promotes the delivery of safe food by the industry, and the provision of adequate information to consumers.

Singapore Food Agency (SFA) is the national authority for food safety in Singapore. To ensure that food sold in Singapore is safe, SFAsets stringent food safety standards that are consistent with international standards. It ensures that up-to-date food legislation is in place, and is properly enforced through inspection and testing programmes. SFA also educates consumers on food-borne hazards and how to keep food safe.

Role of the Food Industry

The food industry is responsible for the safety of the food it offers to the public. Food producers, manufacturers, importers and distributors in Singapore have to maintain high food safety standards by complying with SFA's stringent requirements.

Responsible food industry players adopt good agricultural and manufacturing practices, as well as food safety assurance programmes to ensure that their products are safe and wholesome. Besides educating their employees on food safety, they also educate consumers in the safe use of products, be they raw, semi-processed or ready-to-eat food.

Role of the Consumer

Government authorities can exert regulatory control over the quality and safety of food produced or imported. However, such control is not possible when food is processed and prepared at home. As a consumer, you have direct control over the safety of the food you prepare for yourself and your family. You can begin by equipping yourself with knowledge of food safety risks and safe food practices to avoid these risks. By adopting safe food handling and preparation practices, you can protect both yourself and your family.

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Food Safety Public Education Programme

As the national authority for food safety in Singapore, SFA has put in place an integrated food safety system to ensure that food sold in Singapore is safe for consumption. The assurance of food safety is a shared responsibility which requires efforts by governments, food industries and consumers.

Through public education, we hope to equip members of the public with the knowledge of food safety risks and safe food practices so that they can play a part in protecting their own well-being and the well-being of their family.

Food Safety Talks

SFA conducts various food safety talks to educate students and adults alike on how simple practices can go a long way in preventing food contamination and food poisoning.

Topic 1: Food Safety as a Shared Responsibility

Everyone eats and handles food at some point or another – producers, manufacturers, distributors, food handlers and consumers. As such, the assurance of food safety is a shared responsibility that requires the combined efforts of the government, food industry and you.

This topic focuses on the importance of food safety and looks at the role that each of us has to play to ensure that the food we eat is safe. It will also provide useful information and tips such as the 5 Keys to Food Safety to students that they can learn and put them into practice.

Topic 2: Wash & Keep Clean

One of the main causes of food poisoning is improper handling of food by consumers at home. Safe food handling is crucial to protect the health and well being of consumers. By observing simple practices such as washing and keeping clean, we can prevent our food from becoming contaminated.

This topic provides students with some simple tips on keeping their food, kitchen and hands clean, that they can practice at home and when they are eating out.

Topic 3: Cook Your Food Well

Cooking our food well is just as important as buying, handling and storing it properly. Bacteria can be found on raw or undercooked food and cooking our food thoroughly helps to safeguard against food poisoning caused by these harmful bacteria as they can be killed at high temperature.

This topic provides students with basic tips on cooking their food thoroughly, the usage of food thermometers and what to look out for at barbeques. They can practice these tips at home and share them with their friends and family.

Topic 4: Select Food Carefully

Food safety begins when we do our shopping. Exercising care in food selection can reduce the risk of food poisoning.

This topic provides students with tips on how to plan their shopping and how to select foods such as eggs, meat and seafood, as well as packaged foods.

Applying for a Talk

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