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Food Safety: A Joint Responsibility

Food Safety: A Joint Responsibility

As consumers, we all expect our food to be safe. However, food can potentially become contaminated through improper practices from the time it is produced to the time it is consumed. The assurance of food safety is a joint responsibility of the government, the food industry and the consumers. All parties have a role to play in ensuring food safety.

Role of the Government

The government is responsible for establishing a framework that promotes the delivery of safe food by the industry, and the provision of adequate information to consumers.

Singapore Food Agency (SFA) is the national authority for food safety in Singapore. To ensure that food sold in Singapore is safe, SFA sets stringent food safety standards that are consistent with international standards. It ensures that up-to-date food legislation is in place, and is properly enforced through inspection and testing programmes. SFA also educates consumers on food-borne hazards and how to keep food safe.

Role of the Food Industry

The food industry is responsible for the safety of the food it offers to the public. Food producers, manufacturers, importers and distributors in Singapore have to maintain high food safety standards by complying with SFA's stringent requirements.

Responsible food industry players adopt good agricultural and manufacturing practices, as well as food safety assurance programmes to ensure that their products are safe and wholesome. Besides educating their employees on food safety, they also educate consumers on the safe use of products, be it raw, semi-processed or ready-to-eat food.

Role of the Consumer

Government authorities can exert regulatory control over the quality and safety of food produced or imported. However, such control is not possible when food is processed and prepared at home. As a consumer, you have direct control over the safety of the food you prepare for yourself and your family. You can begin by equipping yourself with knowledge of food safety risks and safe food practices to avoid these risks. By adopting safe food handling and preparation practices, you can protect both yourself and your family.

Food Safety Educational Resources

As the national authority for food safety in Singapore, SFA has put in place a comprehensive regulatory regime to ensure that food we eat in Singapore is safe. The assurance of food safety is a joint responsibility between the government, food industry and consumers. All parties have a role to play in ensuring food safety.

Through our educational resources, we hope to equip members of the public with the knowledge of food safety risks and safe food practices so that they can play a part in protecting their own well-being and the well-being of their family.

1)     Food Safety Travelling Exhibition

We have two food safety exhibition panels which can be displayed at your premise (subject to availability) to allow students/public to uncover how food poisoning can happen and better protect ourselves.


Exhibit Panel no.

Brief Description on Panel Information

Food Safety


Food Poisoning
- What is it and what are the symptoms?
- How to prevent it?
- Case study of a norovirus outbreak


Food Safety is a Joint Responsibility
- Common types of food poisoning bacteria and viruses
- Food contamination can happen at any part of the food production chain

*includes interactive panels

Food Safety Travelling Exhibits 

Food Safety Exhibition Panels on Display
Dimensions of each panel: 200cm (H)) x 150cm (W) x 65cm (D)

2) Brochure

Get a copy of this online brochure to learn about Singapore’s food story and how you can play a part in ensuring food safety and food security in Singapore.

3) Food Safety Craft Activities

Video tutorials on creating your own paper sandwich and a food expiry date tracker fridge board are available. In addition, you can also create your own personalised paper camera and food safety tips film rolls using crayons or colour pencils.

Follow this link if you are interested in any (or all) of the following educational resources as indicated above.

Prefer to learn by watching? Here are two food safety videos for you to find out how food gets contaminated and how we can all play a part in ensuring food safety.

Food Safety Video 1: Adopting Good Food Safety Practices

We should always maintain a high standard of hygiene and sanitation when preparing and cooking food. Here are some good food safety & hygiene practices you can adopt. Let’s stay vigilant and do our part to keep food safe.

Food Safety Video 2: How does food get contaminated?

Do you know that food can get contaminated anywhere along the food chain, including during food preparation at home? Follow Just Keep Thinking as they investigate some of the common mistakes we make on food safety - with some very cool experiments!

Food Security Education

Besides food safety educational resources, we also have a suite of educational resources on food security for schools and the general public. Please click here to access the resources.