Urban Farming

Setting Up an Indoor Urban Farm

Space Directory and Guide

A listing of Space options and Guide has been developed by SFA and ESG to aid the sector in sourcing of space and setting up an indoor urban farm.

You can assess the listing and guide by clicking the following links:

Important notes:

  • Please note that these spaces are not pre-approved by any authorities. Usage of the space for urban farming is subject to approval from relevant Authorities.
  • The availability and information of the units are subject to the landlord's confirmation due to market movement.
  • Please note that this listing is not exhaustive, and is accurate as of Q1 2022. The listing will be updated quarterly.
  • For JTC's industrial spaces: the farming scheme is an interim measure which is subject to a cap of allowable farming GFA quantum and tenure. Please check with JTC’s counterpart for confirmation.

Additionally, if you’d like to learn more about the regulations, you can refer to the Industry Guide to start a farm.