Singapore Food Story R&D Programme

Singapore Food Story R&D Grant Call

Theme 1 - Sustainable Urban Food Production

The second grant call was launched on 12 November 2021, 1200hrs, Singapore time (UTC +08:00) and will close by 26 January 2022, 1200hrs, Singapore time (UTC +08:00). Proposals are expected to be awarded by third quarter of 2022. All applications have to be submitted online via the Integrated Grants Management System (IGMS) and endorsed by the host institution’s Director of Research or equivalent in order to be eligible.

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There is potential for the urban agriculture industry to grow and develop further to achieve Singapore’s ’30 by 30’ food security target. Urban agriculture technologies such as climate control and indoor multi-tier farming systems can increase Singapore’s capability and capacity to grow locally in a sustainable and climate-resilient manner.

Through this grant call, SFA is seeking solutions with the ability to increase the productivity of local food producers beyond what is achievable by current best-in-class technologies. Researchers, technology providers and potential adopters are encouraged to co-develop innovative solutions for the urban agriculture industries to manage indoor pests, plant stress and diseases as well as reduce post-harvest handling and storage losses in a less energy-intensive and cost-effective manner to improve the productivity and sustainability of local food production. Such solutions should take into consideration aspects such as cost effectiveness, resource use efficiency, sustainability, and climate resilience.

Scope of Grant Call

This grant call supports targeted research in specific areas of interest, which has strong potential for translation/scale-up. Applicants should address the following desired outcomes under the respective research areas of interest in their Research Proposals:

a.    Disease & Health Management

i. Development of novel indoor crop protection technologies (e.g. managing indoor pests and plant stress) to improve yield (e.g. reduce total crop loss to less than 10%); and

ii. Improved efficiency of resource use and reduced costs of indoor production of vegetables (e.g. reduce energy requirement for indoor production of vegetables by 50%).

b.    Nutrient & Quality Preservation for Fresh Produce

i. Development of novel solutions for shelf-life extension and nutrient preservation of fresh produce, particularly leafy vegetables, beyond what is achievable by current best-in-class technologies in cost-effective and less energy-intensive ways to reduce post-harvest and storage losses (e.g. by 50%).

Eligibility Criteria

Principal Investigators (PI) from all Singapore-based institutions of higher learning (IHLs), public sector agencies and private sector entities, are eligible to apply.

Common FAQs

For enquiries on the Theme 1 2nd grant call, please refer to the following documents.

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 1st Grant Call

The first grant call had concluded. In April 2021, SFA announced the award of over $23 million to 12 projects in the Sustainable Urban Food Production domain. More details can be found here.


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