Singapore Food Story R&D Programme

Singapore Food Story R&D Programme


The SFS R&D Programme, led by SFA and A*STAR, was initiated to support the national agenda of strengthening Singapore's food security and achieving our "30 by 30" goal, while reaping economic benefits. Through this initiative, there is a concerted push towards the development and use of productive, climate-resilient, innovative and sustainable technologies for agriculture and aquaculture, as well as new biotech-based foods and ingredients, underpinned by a robust future-ready food safety system.

Desired Outcomes

We aspire to develop Singapore as a globally-recognised forerunner in sustainable urban food solutions and food safety, with adequate supply of safe food, reaping economic benefits from the sector. In developing the agri-tech and food sector, we have three desired outcomes.

Food Security

Our first desired outcome for growing the agri-tech and food sector is to strengthen our food security.

Economic Value-Capture

Our second desired outcome for growing the agri-tech and food sector is to contribute to Singapore's economy and reap economic benefits for Singapore by developing appropriate segments of the agri-tech and food value chain.

Food Safety

Our third desired outcome is to achieve a globally respected, future-ready food safety system that ensures a continual supply of safe food for Singapore and supports the growth of the agri-tech and food sector. This is to enhance our regulatory science capabilities, to encourage international acceptance of Singapore-developed food standards and to enable “first-in-market” food products and technologies to be launched from Singapore.


To achieve our desired outcomes in food security, economic value-capture and food safety for the Singapore Food Story, there are problem areas that need to be addressed. Some of these problem areas can be addressed by existing technologies, but there are many others which current technologies cannot resolve, for which R&D is needed.

The target focus areas for the themes are as follows:

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