Singapore Food Story R&D Programme

Singapore Food Story 2.0 R&D Programme


The SFS R&D Programme was initiated to support the national agenda of strengthening Singapore's food security and achieving our "30 by 30" vision, while reaping economic benefits. The second phase of the SFS R&D Programme (‘SFS 2.0’) will place greater emphasis on addressing food security challenges, which includes intensifying sustainability and circularity for Singapore’s climate change commitments and enhancing food safety amidst the emergence of novel food. SFS 2.0 will focus on four R&D domains i.e. (i) AquaPolis (Aquaculture); (ii) Sustainable Urban Agriculture; (iii) Future Foods; (iv) Food Safety.


To achieve our desired outcomes in food security and resilience, sustainability, food safety, and economic value-capture for SFS 2.0, there are problem areas that need to be addressed. Some of these problem areas can be addressed by existing technologies, but there are many others which current technologies cannot resolve, for which R&D is needed.

The target focus areas for the four domains are as follows:

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