Our Singapore Food Story

Supporting Local Produce

Why Support Local Produce

The Singapore Food Story encompasses our food security strategies to ensure and secure a supply of safe food for the nation. A key component of this story involves SFA’s aims to raise awareness on food security issues and rally support for local produce.

While SFA works with the industry to ramp up local production, demand from consumers is equally important to sustain a healthy and vibrant agri-food ecosystem.

By supporting local produce, we boost Singapore’s food security and economy. Consumers can also make environmentally sustainable food choices and learn more about local produce. Local produce is safe, fresher, and lasts longer. Local produce contributes to reduced spoilage, food waste, and carbon footprint, as the produce does not need to travel long distances or for long periods of time before reaching the consumer.

The SG Fresh Produce Logo

Consumers can easily identify local produce by spotting the SG Fresh Produce (SGFP) logo on packaging and selected marketing collaterals.

SG Fresh Produce Logo (Revised 2021) RGB 

Choose local by looking out for this logo
the next time you shop for fresh produce!


The SGFP logo incorporates the key attributes of freshness, supporting local and the SG Brand mark which also showcases our locally farmed produce as a product of “Passion Made Possible”.

Logo Usage Eligibility

The industry may apply to use the SGFP logo on packaging and marketing materials promoting local produce.

If you are a farmer  If you are a Distributor/Supermarket Retailer

Must be SFA-Licensed Farm

  1. Local produce distributed must be from SFA-Licensed farm(s) in Singapore
  2. Logo usage is renewable every 2 years
 Logo can be used on
  1. Packaging of primary produce, i.e. fresh produce grown/cultivated in Singapore
  2. Marketing collaterals* promoting local produce
  1.  Packaging of primary produce, i.e. fresh produce grown/cultivated in Singapore
  2. Point-of-sale and any relevant marketing materials* promoting local produce

 *If the SFA-Licensed Farm carries both local and imported produce, the SGFP logo can only be used in association with the former i.e. local produce item(s) e.g. on farm’s retail website, the SGFP logo should only be featured next to the local produce item and not imported produce.


  1. Applicants to use the SGFP logo must send in ALL artwork where the SGFP logo will be featured for SFA’s clearance BEFORE actual use. 
  2. For usage areas not specified above, applicants must seek SFA’s consideration and approval for use. Approval for usage will be granted on a case-by-case basis.  
  3. SFA reserves the right to impose additional conditions on logo usage, if required.   


SGFP Logo Application

Companies who are interested to use the SGFP logo should apply by submitting their application here.

Certification Scheme Logos

Some of our local produce also come from farms that have been additionally certified under the following quality assurance schemes:

Spot these logos when looking out for quality assured local produce:


GAP Certified Logo RGB

 Singapore Good Agricultural Practice
(SG GAP) Certified Logo

GAP+Clean and Green Certified Logo RGB

Singapore Clean and Green Urban Farms
(SG C&G) Certified Logo


Where to Buy Local Produce


Consumers can purchase locally farmed eggs, vegetables, and fish at most major supermarkets. Find out these retailers’ links and more at our #fromsgtosg microsite.   

SG Farmers' Market

SFA partners with the Singapore Agro-Food Enterprises Federation Limited (SAFEF) to organise the SG Farmers' Market (SGFM) at various community spaces and online via Lazada Redmart, where consumers can easily find and purchase local produce.

2017_myVillage SGFM_IMG_3392

SG Farmers' Market at myVillage,
September 2017

Lazada Redmart eSGFM_updated SGFP
Screenshot of e-SG Farmers’ Market on Redmart 

Being Open to Alternatives

Apart from supporting local produce, consumers can play their part by being open to alternatives. For example, consider switching choices within and across food groups as well as different food sources.