Food Farms

Food Farms in Singapore

Food Farms in Singapore

Singapore is a small country with only around 720 square kilometres of land. As we have competing land use needs, only around two square kilometres (200ha) of land is used for land-based food farms presently. These are mostly located in Lim Chu Kang and Sungei Tengah, and occupy less than 1% of our total land area. At sea, about one square kilometre (100ha) of effective sea space is used for food fish farming in the in the Straits of Johor and  deeper Southern Waters.
It is important that the limited sea space allocated for food fish farming is optimised for sustainable production of food. Coastal fish farms are therefore not allowed to host non-farming activities, such as commercial tours and fishing trips.
Our local food farms, totalling at 220 farms in 2019, collectively produced 14%, 26% and 10% of our leafy vegetables, eggs and fish consumption respectively in the same year. The breakdown of farms is as follows:
Number of licensed local farms in 2019
Sea-based Fish 109 
Land-based Fish (including 1 indoor farm)  12

Leafy vegetables (including 25 indoor and 2 rooftop farms  77
  Beansprouts  6
  Hen and quail eggs  5

Other general agriculture farms

(eg. goat, frog, shrimp, cattle, other food crops

  Total  220
As we continue to strive towards “30 by 30” within our land and resource constraints, we need to continually ensure that the space that has been set aside for farming is used productively, innovatively and sustainably.
One of the ways that SFA does this is by awarding land through a competitive land tender basis, which allows tenderers to compete based on concept rather than price alone. This will ensure that those with the best concepts – concepts that employ innovative and productive technologies to maximise food production – are awarded the land.
To further enhance food production, SFA is looking to plan and redevelop the larger Lim Chu Kang area, and is working with other government agencies on the Agri-Food Innovation Park (AFIP), a high-tech agri-cluster in Sungei Kadut. SFA is also working to transform the aquaculture zones in the Straits of Johor to support higher production levels, as well as exploring the expansion of productive, sustainable fish farming in the Southern Waters.