Agricultural Pesticides

Guidelines for Pesticide Registration

General Information

SFA regulates and registers agricultural pesticides used in the cultivation of plants intended for sale in Singapore. These include synthetic chemical and biological pesticides, plant growth regulators and pesticide-containing biostimulant/fertilizer/soil conditioner. Pesticides not registered with SFA cannot be used in local agricultural farms. 

Pesticides for other purposes do not require registration with SFA. These include export, and industrial, public hygiene, landscaping and household uses.

Registration of pesticides and the certification of pesticide operators ensures:

  • food safety when used on food crops
  • workers' safety during pesticide application
  • environmental safety

Before SFA registers the pesticides, all documents submitted during the application for registration will be carefully evaluated to ensure compliance with SFA's requirements.

Other Regulating Agencies

1.     The National Environment Agency (NEA) regulates the import, export and sale of chemical pesticides that are listed as hazardous substances (HS) under the Environmental Protection and Management Act (EPMA).

2.     The National Parks Board (NParks) regulates the import of biological pesticides or biological control agents.

Please check with the relevant regulating agencies regarding the import of your pesticide.

Registration of Agricultural Pesticides

Any person who manufactures, imports, distributes, supplies or sells pesticides intended for agricultural use must register their pesticide products with SFA. Your business must be registered with Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) under the Business Names Registration Act 2014 or in the case of a company incorporated or registered under the Companies Act (Cap. 50).

Application Requirements

You have to submit these items to SFA:

You can find the opens in a new windowGuidelines for Pesticide Registration here.

The registration of each pesticide product costs S$465. The duration of the evaluation of the application which has complete information is about 3 months.

Approved Pesticide Products

The SFA Registration Number must be printed on every product label of the registered pesticide product. This will help the farmers identify the pesticide products that are registered with SFA.

The registered  pesticide products are also notified in the Gazette for general information to the public.

You can refer to the "Pesticide Search" to search for the approved agricultural pesticides.