Payment Modes


How is payment through GIRO done?

The majority of SFA’s customers use GIRO for recurring bills such as for payment of permit fees and renewal of licence fees.

If you already have an existing GIRO arrangement with SFA, GIRO deduction from your designated bank account will be made every Friday. If the specific Friday falls on a public holiday, the deduction will be made on the next working day. Please ensure that you maintain sufficient balance in your bank account to facilitate the deduction. 

DBS will send a remittance advice of successful GIRO deductions to the email address (as indicated on the GIRO form) whenever a deduction is made from your bank account. 

If the GIRO deduction is not successful, a failed GIRO notice will be sent to you. You can contact us at to attempt another deduction or you can make payment via other payment modes.

A monthly GIRO statement consolidating the list of successful GIRO deductions will either be sent to your mailing address or email address (as indicated on your GIRO form) in the following month.

GIRO email statement
This service is currently extended to our GIRO customers who are currently receiving hardcopy GIRO statements. By signing up for GIRO e-statements, you will be able to receive your GIRO statement earlier, within 3 working days from the last GIRO deduction of the month. You may also request for the statements to be sent to more than one email address. What's more, you can also help to save the environment by reducing paper consumption.

Please click e-GIRO or email us at to apply for GIRO e-statement. 

How do I apply for GIRO arrangement?

If you do not have an existing GIRO arrangement with SFA, you need to submit a new GIRO application form. Please use other payment modes to make payment as it takes time for the GIRO application to be approved.

For GIRO arrangement using DBS/POSB bank accounts (Not applicable for Corporate bank account)
If you have an internet banking account with DBS/POSB, you can submit the application online directly to the bank through internet banking. Please indicate your SFA customer reference number (UEN/NRIC/FIN) under the [Bill Reference] field when applying for GIRO arrangement. 

GIRO application submitted via Internet banking will take an average of 5 working days to process. You will receive an email notification of the approved GIRO application from SFA.

Please refer to Q1 of the Payment FAQs and Guides on GIRO application via Internet Banking
For GIRO arrangement using bank accounts other than with DBS/POSB.

Please note that the GIRO application form will be processed by the respective banks and this may take 4-6 weeks before SFA can do the GIRO deduction from your bank account.

You are required to complete the form and mail it to SFA. Please refer to Q2 of the Payment FAQs and Guides on how to complete the GIRO application form


Making changes to your GIRO bank account

Change in bank account
Submit a new GIRO application form to SFA if you are using a different bank account for your existing GIRO Arrangement.

Please note that the GIRO application form will be processed by the respective banks and this may take 4-6 weeks before SFA can deduct from your GIRO account.

Termination of GIRO arrangement
Contact your bank directly if you wish to discontinue your GIRO arrangement with SFA and settle any outstanding invoice immediately to avoid late payment charges.

You may also terminate your GIRO arrangement via your internet banking account if you are using your POSB/DBS personal bank as the debiting account.