Our Singapore Food Story

Our Singapore Food Story


Singapore currently imports more than 90% of our food from more than 180 countries and regions. Import source diversification is our core strategy. This has worked well for us thus far. Singapore was ranked number 1 in the world in the Global Food Security Index for the second year running in 2019 – the result of our long-term planning and proactive actions to safeguard Singapore’s food supply.

However, we are vulnerable to emerging trends. First, with population growth, global demand for food is projected to increase by 50% come 2050. Second, climate change will put more pressure on global food supply through rising temperatures, loss of arable land, and increased frequencies of erratic weather patterns. Third, countries increasingly look inward, prioritising their needs over international trade.

To strengthen Singapore’s food security, the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) is pursuing three broad strategies called the 3 Food Baskets:

  1. Diversify import sources to reduce risk of reliance on any single food supply source
  2. Grow local to provide buffer supply in event of overseas supply disruptions
  3. Grow overseas to help local companies expand abroad

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