Quality Assurance and Sustainability Schemes

Singapore Clean and Green Urban Farms (SG C&G)


SFA encourages local farms to voluntarily adopt Singapore Clean and Green Urban Farms (SG C&G) certification to assure consumers a sustainable and quality assured system in food production. SG C&G Certification enables local farms to “produce more with less”. Farms can improve productivity, optimising resource utilisation and minimise waste generation, while at the same time ensuring food safety and quality through best industry practices.

Farms that comply and meet the requirements of SG C&G standard will be awarded the SG C&G certification mark by Singapore Food Agency.

SG C&G Standards

In collaboration with agritech industry players (farm operators, technology providers and buyers), academic and research institutes, SAFEF and government agencies, SFA developed a series of SG C&G standards for different farm commodities under the EnterpriseSG - Singapore Standardisation Programme. Two SG C&G standards have been developed for the key farming operations in Singapore, namely vegetables and seafood farms, and these are:

·       Singapore Standard (SS) 661: 2020 Specification for clean and green urban farms — Agriculture

·       SS 689: 2022 Specification for clean and green urban farms — Aquaculture 


The SG C&G standards are formulated to provide guidance to local farms to improve productivity through optimizing resource utilisation and minimizing waste generation.


Singapore Standard – SS661: 2020 Specification for clean and green urban farms — Agriculture

This standard assures consumers that the farm produce are fresh, free from synthetic pesticides, and grown sustainably with the efficient use of resources without compromising the environment. This standard will help the vegetable farms to adopt smart farming techniques and practices to reduce wastage of resources, incorporate circularity in their resource management, and optimise operational efficiency.

This standard sets out the criteria that urban vegetable farms (vegetable, fruits, herbs, sprouts and condiments farms) have to meet in terms of farm management, and practices to achieve clean and green production system and farm produces.


Singapore Standard – SS689: 2022 Specification for clean and green urban farms — Aquaculture

This standard sets requirements for the operation of sustainable aquaculture and provides guidance on best industry practices to ensure the quality and safety of products that are sustainably farmed. This standard caters to open cage, pond, tank, raceway and closed containment farming system for fish, crustaceans and molluscs in freshwater, brackish and marine environments through all phases of farm production.

Certification Logo


SG C&G certified farms are awarded with the three-star C&G certification Mark. The Mark indicates that produce is grown in a local farm that adopts both GAP and sustainable practices with the efficient use of resources. 

Food service providers/ operators and retailers can source for quality and sustainably grown farm produces from SG C&G-certified farms. Product traceability, a feature of the certification system, further assures consumers that the produce is from reliable and sustainable sources.

Certification process

To attain SG C&G certification award, farms must first be certified by third-party SAC accredited Certification Bodies (CBs) based on the SG GAP standard (SS 670: 2021, SS 675: 2021, SS 676: 2021) followed by C&G standard (SS 661: 2020, SS 689: 2022). To be awarded with the SG C&G certification mark, farms shall submit an application form with the CB’s audit report and issued certificate to SFA for verification.

Farms shall review the certification document at https://sacinet2.enterprisesg.gov.sg/sacsearch/search in SAC website – CT 26 SAC Criteria For Certification Bodies (GAP and Clean & Green Urban Farms) where sample testing requirements are stated.

Farms are required to submit the “APPLICATION FOR SG C&G CERTIFICATION MARK” form in its application for SG GAP certification mark.

Assistance to SG C&G Implementation

SFA provides support to farms in the implementation of the SG C&G requirements and certification.

Farms which need assistance in the implementation of the SG C&G certification can apply for Agri-food Cluster Transformation (ACT) funding under Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) for Capability Upgrading (CU).The PSG for CU supports the purchase of farming equipment and systems from SFA’s pre-qualified list (link), the conduct of small-scale pilot trials to raise farm productivity, resource-efficiency and reduce pollution and waste, and the certification fees paid to CB.

Prior to SG C&G audit and certification, farm shall ensure its staff competency in SG C&G standard by participating in the respective SG C&G standard trainings.    

List of SG C&G- Certified Farms

Vegetable Farm

Farm Address

Plot Number

 Comcrop Pte Ltd  15 Woodlands Loop #04-K1 Singapore 738322  MK13-03149M

Sustenir Agriculture (Singapore) Pte Ltd

8 Admiralty Street, #03-04/05/06/13/14/15, #04-04/05/06/07/08, #07-11/12 Singapore 757438

MK13- 05962W