Payment Modes

PayNow Corporate or PayNow QR

If you are a non-GIRO customer, you can pay your permit fees/late payment charges by scanning the QR code on your invoice.

You may also pay the transactions below by either entering SFA’s UEN -T18GB0002FXXX or scanning the relevant QR code.

Please refer to Q9 of the Payment FAQs and Guides for the list of billing references. Please ensure the correct billing reference is indicated during payment. Your application will not be processed timely if we are unable to match the payment to the respective application or if we receive insufficient amount.


Type of Transaction


QR code

Rental and Conservancy charges, Forklift fees for PPWC only



 PPWC Rental Conservancy, Stamp Fee

Tender Deposit and Security Deposit for SFA contracts



 Tender, Security Deposits

Security deposit – Government Land Rental


 Security Depost - Government Land Rental


Please refer to Q11-12 of the Payment FAQs and Guides on how to pay via PayNow QR or PayNow Corporate.