Food Import Inspection Appointment Booking

Appointment bookings for inspections are required for selected imported food consignments  Such consignments should not be sold or distributed prior to inspection by SFA.

Importers may refer to their cargo clearance permits (CCP) to check if the conditional approval message indicates that SFA inspection is required.

This e-Service will take you about 5-10 minutes (per appointment) to complete.

Types of food import inspections

Importers can apply for:

  1. Import Inspection of Meat and Fish
  2. Import Inspection of Processed Food
  3. Import Inspection of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

What to do before applying for appointment booking

  1. Check the conditional approval message of the cargo clearance permit (CCP). If it indicates that the consignment requires inspection, an appointment booking is to be made.
  2. Arrange  a date when the imported food consignment has arrived,  unloaded and is ready for inspection.
  3. Arrange a location where the imported food consignment will be stored and presented to SFA for the inspection.
  4. Arrange for a contact person who will meet the SFA inspector during the inspection.
  5. Make appointment booking with the above details.
  6. Prepare copy of CCP, health certificate and other supporting import documents (eg. Invoice, packing list). These will be presented to the SFA

How to apply

STEP 1: Fill in the details in the online application form. It may take you 5-10 minutes (per appointment).

STEP 2: Provide the required information (e.g. Contact person, telephone number, CCP information, inspection location, date of inspection etc.)

After applying

  1. E-Services will give an acknowledgement of the booking and an Appointment Booking Reference Number.
  2. Confirmation of the appointment will be sent to you via email or sms (if you indicated that you wish to receive confirmation by email or sms) after the booking has been processed.
For more information

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