Application for registration of pesticides

This form may take you 5 minutes to fill in. You will need the following information to fill in the form:

  • Business/Company Registration No,
  • Information on the name, chemical identity, formula and concentration, toxicity and the intended usage (Please refer to Section II of the form)

Please read the “Guidelines for Pesticide Registration” before completing this application form. You will need to attach the documents required to your application

The document provides the information and relevant documents that are required for application for registration of pesticides.

This form may take you 5 minutes to complete.


All pesticides used in the cultivation of plants must be registered with the Director-General, Agri-Food and Veterinary Services. Pesticides for industrial, public hygiene and household uses do not need to be registered under the Control of Plants Act.

Any person who manufactures, imports, distributes, supplies or sells any pesticide and who is conducting business in Singapore which is registered under the Business Registration Act, or any company incorporated under the Companies Act, may apply for the registration of pesticide for use in the cultivation of plants in Singapore.

Applicants are required to get approval from the Pollution Control Department (PCD) of the National Environment Agency (NEA) for use of the pesticides in Singapore before applying for registration of pesticides for use in the cultivation of plants.

If applicants are dealing with pesticides that are listed in the Environmental Protection and Management Act (EPMA), a copy of the Hazardous Substances Licence issued by the PCD/NEA must accompany the application.

1)Complete all information required under Section I-III of the application form.

2) Attached the required documents mentioned under the Guidelines for Pesticide Registration:

  1. When a complete dossier is received, the dossier will be sent to a technical committee for evaluation. SFA reserves the right to ask for additional information for areas that need further evaluation.
  2. Applicants may be asked to submit the following samples:
    • 0.25 g of analytical standard active ingredient together with the COA and MSDS; and/or
    • 2 ml of the formulated product
  3. Once a pesticide product is approved, a Certificate of Pesticide Registration with the registration number will be issued to the registrant. The registration takes effect from the date stated in the certificate.
  4. The registrant is required to comply with the labeling requirements listed in para J4 of the guidelines for pesticide registration and print the registration number on the pesticide product's label. A copy of the final printed label has to be submitted to SFA within 3 months.

The time frame for registration is dependent on the completeness of the documents submitted.

Please call the SFA Contact Centre at 6805 2992.
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