Food Retail

Advisories for SFA Food Establishment Licensees


As at 20 November 2018

  1. The SCDF has identified the accumulation of grease in kitchen exhaust systems and ducting as the cause for numerous fires in food establishments. This can be prevented through regular maintenance of the exhaust systems and ducting. The SCDF’s Code of Practice for Fire Precautions in Buildings 2018 (commonly known as the Fire Code) requires all kitchen exhaust system to be properly maintained. The entire (interior and exterior) exhaust duct and kitchen hood are to be degreased and cleaned at least once every 12 months. Maintenance are to be carried out by a specialist, and records are to be kept by operators for verification. 
  2. The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) would like to remind all licensees to ensure that all the exhaust systems and its ducting are maintained at least once a year. During SFA hygiene inspections, our officers will also check the exterior of the exhaust system and ask for the maintenance records. SFA will take action against food shops found with dirty kitchen exhaust, and those without proper maintenance records will be referred to SCDF for follow up action.
  3. We seek your co-operation on this issue. Please submit your feedback electronically via the Online Feedback Form if you have any queries or would like to report such incidents.

Thank you.