Singapore's National Codex Office

Singapore’s National Codex Committee (NCC)

The National Codex Committee (NCC) was established in 2021 to support Singapore’s participation at Codex platforms.  It is chaired by SFA’s Director-General (Food Administration) and its members include representatives from public agencies, the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE), scientific organisations, professional bodies, academia, and the local industry.  The establishment of the NCC is important because Codex work is of wide public interest, involving multiple agencies and stakeholders.

The key roles of Singapore’s NCC are:

1. To advise on Codex matters based on Singapore’s interests.

This includes providing comments on Codex proposals that Singapore should take and sharing scientific information to support those positions. Members of the NCC could also be tapped upon for scientific expertise, research data and collaboration opportunities.

2. To advise on matters related to the development and adoption of international standards in Singapore.

This includes providing SFA with advice on relevant topics which could benefit from standard-setting at Codex platforms.