Labelling & Packaging Information

General Information

The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) administers the Sale of Food Act and the Singapore Food Regulations to ensure that food made available for sale in Singapore are safe for consumption to safeguard public health.

The food labelling requirements under the Act and Regulations are primarily to support SFA’s food safety regime. SFA takes reference from the international food standards setting body, the Codex Alimentarius Commission, when reviewing the labelling requirements for Singapore.

A food label is one of the most important and direct means for sellers to communicate product information to buyers. It is one of the primary means by which consumers differentiate between individual foods and brands to make informed food choices at point of sale, before consuming. It also helps consumers identify a food product in the case of a food safety incident.

Food importers, distributors, manufacturers, producers, packers and retailers (hereinafter known as "food business operator") are responsible to ensure that their food products comply with the provisions of the Food Regulations, including the labelling requirements.