Tranche 7

Land Available for Tender


Vegetable Farming

 Lim Chu Kang South


 Location LOT NO./MK NO. PERMITTED FARM TYPE Land Area (sqm) Tender Method  LEASE TERM (YEARS)

LCK 220 at

Neo Tiew Harvest Link
 Lot 01817P / MK 12  

Vegetable farming

(refers to the production of any edible plant or fungi cultivated for human consumption and does not include cereals and beansprouts)
Fixed Price  20+10 

LCK 221 at

Neo Tiew Harvest Link 
Lot 01818T / MK 12   20,250.6

ST 28G at

Sungei Tengah Road 
 Lot 03741A / MK 11, with adjoining Lot 80002A / MK 11  20,288.0

ST 28H at

Sungei Tengah Road
 Lot 03744X / MK 11, with adjoining Lot 80001T / MK 11  20,062.4

ST 28I at

Sungei Tengah Road
 Lot 03745L / MK 11, with adjoining Lot 80000P / MK 11  20,102.8

Viewing of Tendered Parcels

Land Parcels LCK 220 & LCK221 at Neo Tiew Harvest Link are not hoarded up and are accessible to public.

Land Parcels ST 28G, ST 28H and ST 28I at Sungei Tengah Road are hoarded up and not accessible to public. SFA has arranged for a site visit at the following time slot.

Date 19 October 2023 (Thursday) for Land Parcels ST 28G, ST 28H, ST 28I  at Sungei Tengah

Meeting place: Entrance of ST 28H

10.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m.                

Transport will not be provided.

 Registration You may write to to register for your visit 

*Please note that visitors shall be responsible for their own safety when they enter the Land Parcel(s).

Tender Documents

Tenderer may obtain the full set of tender document, by filling up the form here.

We would announce on if there is any corrigendum to be issued for the tender.

Tender Briefing
Details will be available after completion of the form above.


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