SFA Whistleblowing Channels


The SFA whistleblowing channels provide avenues to report any unethical or fraudulent activity occurring within SFA or relating directly to SFA’s personnel or SFA’s appointed vendors, in good faith, without fear of reprisal, for appropriate investigation and action. The channels are independently managed by the Internal Audit Unit.

All disclosures should be made in good faith and the whistle blower can be rest assured that no actions will be taken against him/her even if subsequent investigation reveals no wrongdoing. However, for any reports that are found to be false, malicious, frivolous or an abuse of this policy, it will be investigated and the person who made this report will be subject to disciplinary action or even face legal consequences.  

Where do I report corruption activities? 

Corruption activities (e.g. corruption, bribery) should be reported directly to the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau at the earliest opportunity at e-Complaint for Corrupt Conduct (cpib.gov.sg) (i.e. online report) or call 1800-376-0000.

What can I report on SFA’s Whistleblowing Channel?

  • Incidents of malpractice by SFA personnel or SFA appointed vendors which are reportable include:
    • Breach of law or policy
    • Fraud or collusion
    • Criminal offenses
    • Deliberate concealment of malpractice
    • Improper conduct or unethical behaviour


    • Manipulation and deliberate error in the preparation, evaluation, review, audit of financial accounts and records such as:
      • Inappropriately reported revenues, expenses and balance sheet amounts
      • Concealment of unauthorised transactions
    • Misappropriation, theft or misuse of funds or assets such as:
      • Cash theft
      • Disbursement of false or inflated invoices
      • Payment to non-existent employee
      • Reimbursement for fictitious or inflated claims
      • Forged authorisation of bank cheques
      • Inventory theft
    • Administrative malpractice
      • Unfair procurement practices or proper procedures not observed when procuring goods or services
      • Non-disclosure of conflict of interest
    • Participating or condoning a reportable wrongdoing through wilful suppression or concealment of information relating to a wrongdoing

    Reporting Channels

    The Whistleblowing Channels include:

    Online Form Submit Online

    52 Jurong Gateway Road, JEM Office Tower, #14-01
    Singapore 608550

    Attention to Head (Internal Audit Unit)

    All other feedback or enquiries (e.g. feedback on food products, feedback on companies licensed by SFA, enquiries on SFA services) not relating to the whistleblowing purpose above should be sent to our online feedback form.

    Information to be Provided

    To encourage responsible use of the whistle blowing channel, you should identify yourself and indicate your name and contact details in the report. Your identity and the concerns or irregularities raised by you will be treated with confidence and every effort will be made to ensure that confidentiality is maintained throughout the process. In reporting any unethical, fraudulent or corrupt activity, you shall, to the best of your ability, ensure that the information you provide is accurate. Your report should provide the following information where possible:

    • Nature of the alleged malpractice;
    • Names of people allegedly involved;
    • Names of any witnesses;
    • Date, time and location of incident (including multiple occurrences);
    • When the incident was first observed;
    • Details of any evidence you may have or know of;
    • The value of any money or asset involved;
    • Frequency of occurrence; and
    • Any other information that may substantiate the concern.

    All instances of whistleblowing will be reported to the Audit and Risk Committee.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Can I remain anonymous?
      You may choose to raise your concerns anonymously. However, concerns expressed anonymously may hinder follow-up clarifications and investigations. Whistleblowers are encouraged to identify themselves where possible to facilitate the investigation process.
    • How will the confidentiality of my identity and the information I provide be protected?
      The identity of the whistleblower and all information disclosed will remain confidential. Under certain circumstances, the identity of the whistleblower may be revealed as necessary or appropriate to conduct investigations, to take remedial actions, or as required by any applicable laws and regulations.
    • Will law enforcement agencies be notified of reports made via the SFA Whistleblowing channel?
      The information received from you will be assessed, and the relevant law enforcement agencies will be notified where necessary and appropriate.