Welcome to Hay Dairies

Aptly named after the Hay Family who has been running the farm for over two decades — Hay Dairies is a beloved institution, and our island’s only goat farm. First established in 1988 with just 48 goats, the farm now houses a herd of about 700, with plans to increase that number fourfold by 2025.

As Leon shares, goats only produce milk when they’re happy, and the 900 - 1,000 litres of milk produced daily on the farm is a daily testament to the love, care and attention given to its herd.

Fantastic beasts and how to rear them

Goats need to be well taken care of before they can produce milk. Leon Hay takes us through the measures he takes to keep his herd happy, healthy and safe.

Goat gourmands

“I know that goats can be very picky eaters from personal experience,” Leon says with a laugh. He once tried feeding his goats with an improved, AA quality feed, and the animals took several months of weaning before they were satisfied eating their regular A-grade feed.

Pasteurised for your peace of mind

Goat farming is holistic in nature, and keeping the goats happy is essential to having them produce milk. Feed quality, comfort and a safe environment are just some of the factors needed for a happy, productive goat. Even living space and environment can make a difference.

“The goats at our current farm are kept quite close to the ground, but our new farm may see them living in spaces that’re up to four storeys high,” Leon shares. “We’re working with architects to give the barns a green ‘feel’, so that the goats feel like they’re closer to the ground.”

Animal exercise routines

While there isn’t enough adequate space for pasture at Hay Dairies, Leon is coming up with an innovative solution at the farm’s new location, so that his goats will get their daily exercise. An indoor track at every level of the barn will allow farmhands to bring the goats on a run every day.

Educating the next generation

Besides raising goats for their milk, Hay Dairies is also committed to educating Singapore’s next generation about the intricacies of animal farming and subsistence. The farm holds educational farm tours daily, so that the public can get up close and personal with its animals.

Fascinating Farm Facts

Farming is a fascinating profession. Here are some fun factoids to chew on!

Hay Dairies - singles

Single does, milking does and pregnant does are three distinct groups that Leon and his family have to attend to, each with their own specific needs.

Hay Dairies - food they eat

While goats and cows both give milk, cows are known as grazers and goats are known as browsers. The latter can be a lot more finicky about the food they eat.

Hay Dairies - repurpose goat waste into compost

When Hay Dairies transitions to its new farm, Leon has plans to repurpose goat waste into compost, which can then be used to fertilise plants.

Hay Dairies - rectangular pupils

Unlike humans, goats have rectangular pupils, which allow them to have a broader field of vision.

Feast for SG’s food security

Eat local and do your part to support our local farming community.

Eager to taste the freshness of Hay Dairies’ milk for yourself? You’ll be able to indulge in their produce by ordering from their website or purchase from RedMart and Cold Storage.

Keep an eye out for the SG Fresh Produce logo below to sample produce proudly grown and harvested on Singaporean soil.

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