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If you love eggs, chances are that you’ve already tasted the produce from Chew’s Agriculture. With a history that stretches back over three decades, the company runs one of Singapore’s most trusted egg farms, supplying our city with over 180 million eggs a year.

With its recent certification from American non-profit organisation, Humane Farm Animal Care — and plans to construct a new farm with larger state-of-the-art cage-free facilities — Chew’s Agriculture is certainly hatching exciting new plans for the future.

Rearing hens with a human touch

Company Director Edvin Lim and General Manager Tan Chee Nam bring you behind the scenes at Chew’s Agriculture.

The Louis Vuitton of egg farming

You’re probably already aware of designer handbags and bespoke apparel, but apparently eggs can be designed as well. “Feed nutrients are transmitted to the egg yolk from the hen, making it very important to think about what we feed to our fowls,” Chee Nam explains.

The proof is in the tasting — the farm’s Designer Eggs boast a 25% lower cholesterol content than regular eggs, as well as a range of additional nutrients like amino acid and Vitamin E.

Freedom for fowls

Just like humans, chickens can be adversely affected by a lack of space and claustrophobic conditions. Chew’s Agriculture has plans to triple the amount of cage-free eggs they produce.

“We’re like a big family at Chew’s Agriculture, and the chickens are part of that family as well,” Edvin explains.

Committed to humane egg farming

While certainly a more humane and natural way of nurturing chickens, cage-free egg farming does require more manpower to accomplish. Ensuring that the chickens lay eggs in their nest boxes requires a human touch, and is more difficult to automate.

“Cage-free farming allows the birds to have more freedom and space to engage in their natural behaviour,” Edvin shares. “It’s more time-consuming and labour intensive, but we strongly feel it’s necessary.”

To the farmers at Chew’s Agriculture, Singapore’s food security and the chickens’ productivity are just as important as the chickens having humane living conditions of a global standard. In 2019, the farm received the Certified Humane® label from American non-profit organisation, Humane Farm Animal Care.

Fascinating farm facts

Crack open the mysteries of egg farming with these fascinating factoids.

Chew's Agriculture - 18 weeks to nurture a chicken

It takes approximately 18 weeks in total to nurture a chicken before it is ready to produce eggs.

Chew's Agriculture - Robust vaccination programme for chickens

To ensure the safety of its produce, Chew’s Agriculture vaccinates its chickens through a robust vaccination programme throughout their lifespan.

Chew's Agriculture - An egg takes approx 24-26 hours to form

Since an egg takes approximately 24-26 hours to form, a hen that lays around 320 eggs a year is considered a very productive fowl.

Chew's Agriculture - Chickens dig shallow ditches in soil or dirt

Chickens care for their feathers and skin by digging shallow ditches in soil or dirt and taking ‘dust baths’. 

Feast for SG's food security

Eat local and do your part to support our local farming community.

Eager to taste the eggs from Chew’s Agriculture for yourself? You can buy their produce from RedMart and all major supermarkets.

Keep an eye out for the SG Fresh Produce logo to sample produce proudly grown and harvested on Singaporean soil.

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