It’s no secret that the finest local produce is readily available all across the island. From delectable fish and crisp vegetables to farm fresh eggs, our local heroes of farming have been hard at work stocking our supermarket shelves with the bounties of their labour. 
But did you know that besides local produce, our local farmers have also created a whole range of delectable (and convenient) farm-based food products?
Whether you’re looking for a fuss-free meal, a quick midnight snack or a refreshing drink, these ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook products are bound to sate your appetite.

Ready-to-Eat Products

Hankering for a taste of local goodness? With these products, it’s as simple as opening the package and digging in!



Just Produce

Ready-to-Eat Salads
Open up a pack of natural goodness and treat your body right with these salads from Just Produce. The perfect appetiser for any meal, these ready-to-eat salads come in flavours for every palate, from the zing and zest of wasabi to sweet and crunchy. 
Where to buy: Sold online at Just Produce’s website, NTUC FairPrice and RedMart.

About the farm: Founded in 2020, this local produce brand runs its own indoor farm, and aspires to make healthy living accessible to all. Its fresh vegetables are cultivated without any pesticides, GMOs or harmful additives.

Kok Fah Technology Farm

Aloe Vera Drink / Ice Jelly and Mango Pudding Aloe Vera
Instead of grabbing a soda, beat the heat with this aloe vera beverage or try out their ice jelly and mango pudding aloe vera! The drink and desserts are bound to be a delight for your tastebuds.

Where to buy: Sold online at RedMart.

About the farm: Fusing family tradition with modern technology, Kok Fah has been feeding Singaporeans with its range of vegetables for over four decades.  The farm’s diverse range of produce include cai xin, spinach, lettuce and aloe vera among many others. 

N&N Agriculture

Japanese soft yolk eggs
Craving for a midnight snack? Add some nutritional value and tasty goodness to your supper with these Japanese soft yolk eggs that are free of preservatives and artificial colouring.  These tasty treats are made from fresh eggs produced by N&N Farms—just drop them into your bowl of instant ramen and enjoy that runny yolk!

Where to buy: Visit Egg Story for a full list of retailers.

About the Farm: A pillar of Singapore’s farming community and pioneering producer of pasteurised eggs in Singapore, N&N has an output of over 128 million eggs a year.

Shake Salad x MEOD

Ready-to-Eat Salads
Mesclun is a French word for 'mixture' and refers to a mix of young green leaves that usually includes lettuce and mizuna. Check out Shake Salad's Greek pasta salad or quinoa salad, featuring locally grown leafy greens, and select your choice of salad dressing to go with it.

Where to buy: Sold online at Shake Salad's website or at various locations found islandwide here.

About the Farm: Harvested every morning to ensure that vegetables are the freshest, MEOD grows a variety of salad and Asian greens that include lettuce, mizuna and xiao bai cai.

          Credit: Images by Shake Salad

Sustenir Agriculture

Kale Pestos
Made with Sustenir’s famous curly kale, this preservative-free pesto is packed with nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants. Toss it with your favourite choice of pasta for a healthy and delicious meal.

Where to buy: Sold online at NTUC FairPrice and RedMart.

Ready-to-Eat Salads
The perfect snack for busy office workers, these salads from Sustenir are jam-packed with vitamins that are bound to supercharge your day. Dig in to the mixed kale salad for a boatload of Vitamin C or sample their lettuce mixes for a dose of Vitamin A.

Where to buy: Sold online at Cold StorageMarks & Spencer, NTUC FairPriceRedMart and Sheng Siong.

About the Farm: Sustenir’s high-tech approach to agriculture allows this high-tech indoor farm to nurture plants and vegetables that normally would not thrive in tropical Singapore, from baby spinach to Tuscan kale.

            Credit: Images by Sustenir

The Local Farm (TLF) by Gardenasia

Gelatos from The Local Farm (TLF) by Gardenasia in partnership with Sustenir Agriculture and Yili

Who says dessert need to be sinful? Foodies with a sweet tooth can sate their cravings with this delectable gelato incorporating locally grown vegetables, which comes in 4 flavours - Arugula Oat, Kale Coconut, Pineapple Baby Spinach Sorbet and Round Spinach.
Where to buy:  Can be purchased at The Local Farm Weekend, a regular event held on every first weekend of the month at Gardenasia in the Kranji countryside. Can be purchased on TLF website in the near future.

About the Farms:

Sustenir Agriculture
Sustenir’s high-tech approach to agriculture allows this high-tech indoor farm to nurture plants and vegetables that normally would not thrive in tropical Singapore such as baby spinach and Tuscan kale.

Yili Farm
Founded by Alan Toh in 1996, Yili Farm has been feeding the nation with crops grown on local soil for over two decades. The farm’s bounty of produce includes xiao bai cai, kang kong and spinach.

Ready-to-Cook Products

Channel your inner Gordon Ramsay and whip up a convenient dinner —these ready to cook products are a great option for a fuss-free meal.


ACE Farm

Grouper Broth
This tasty broth is made from 100% natural ingredients. Add it to your soup, porridge, or stew to elevate your meal's flavour and indulge in the taste of homegrown seafood. Be sure to try all three flavours, including seabass, grouper and seafood!

Smoked Seabass
Gently smoked for a subtle flavour, this hand-filleted seabass is packed with protein, vitamin B-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. It tastes great on its own, but we recommend pairing this with a salad made with our local veggies.

Where to buy: Available on ACE Fish Market's website.

About the Farm: With Eco-Ark – an impressive floating structure that's home to a range of cutting-edge aquaculture technology – ACE Farm can produce over 166 tonnes of fish a year, 20 times more than a traditional fish farm.


            Credit: Images by ACE Farm

Blue Ocean Aqua Technology (BOAT)

Jade Perch Collagen Soup and Fish Noodles
Slurp up oodles of noodles in a hearty collagen soup and taste the freshness of local produce with Blue Ocean Aqua Technology’s delicious products. You can have both separately but we recommend pairing these food products for maximum flavour. If you have more time, you may want to fry them just like the restaurants do.

Where to buy: Sold on Blue Ocean Aqua Technology’s website and FairPrice Online. 

About the Farm: Tapping on nano-oxygen technology and a slew of other innovations, Blue Ocean Aquaculture Technology supplies some of Singapore’s most beloved restaurants with its jade perch and vannamei prawn.

The Fish Farmer

Soup Spoon’s Assam-Style Mullet Chowder Soup
A collaboration between our local farm - The Fish Farmer and The Soup Spoon, this sour and spicy soup is bound to warm you up and fill your belly on a rainy day. This hearty chowder is made with the freshest, locally farmed mullet and seasoned with herbs like garlic, ginger and lemongrass.

Where to buy: Sold at The Fish Farmer.

Mullet in Mala/Teriyaki Sauce
For a spicy kick, dig into The Fish Farmer’s Mullet in Mala sauce, the perfect star dish for a family dinner. If you’re craving Japanese flavours, be sure to sample the alternative in a sweet and savoury Teriyaki sauce.

Where to buy: Sold at NTUC FairPrice Xtra outlets, Shopee, Amazon, RedMart and FairPrice Online.

Barramundi Teochew/Thai Style
Steamed fish has never been easier! Try out this delicious Barramundi fillet all prepared in a vacuum pack which locks in all the nutrients. Just heat up the sauce pack (Teochew sauce or Thai sauce) in hot water (p.s. this is a sous vide method which is widely use by chefs) and then pour the sauce over the fish fillet and it is ready to be served. 

Where to buy: Sold at NTUC FairPrice Xtra outlets, Shopee, Amazon, RedMart and FairPrice Online.

Barramundi: Crispy Tempura
Whoever says “my kids don’t like to eat fish” has not tried our very own Singapore Barramundi coated with Japanese Tempura flour which is made crispy by cooking it easily using an air fryer. Definitely a kids favourite!

Where to buy: Available at Shopee, Amazon, RedMart and FairPrice online.

About the Farm: The Fish Farmer has been feeding Singapore with the sea’s bounty from its four farms since 2007, stocking supermarket shelves with fish like grey mullet, red snapper, barramundi and sea perch.

            Credit: Images by The Fish Farmer

Crispy Fish Fry (Seagreen x Don Don Donki x The Fish Farmer)

Using fresh barramundi from our very own local fish farm – The Fish Farmer, in collaboration with Seagreen Food Industries and Don Don Donki, this crispy barramundi is a must-try for comfort food lovers. Pair this with a plate of buttered rice for a mouth-watering meal.

Where to buy: Sold at all Don Don Donki stores.

Sustenir Agriculture

Spinach Noodles
Dig into oodles of noodles packed with all the wholesome goodness of spinach with this delicious meal from Sustenir. The noodles are made with 30% freshly juiced spinach.

Where to buy: Sold online at NTUC FairPrice and RedMart.



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