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Whether you like them for brunch or in your prata, eggs are a staple part of many Singaporeans’ diets. With an annual production of over 128 million eggs a year, N&N Agriculture is both a thriving modern egg farm and one of the pillars of our local farming community.

N&N was the first to pioneer the production of pasteurised shell eggs in Singapore, and with a new quail farm and expansion plans in the works, things are looking sunny side up.

An egg farm that gets cracking

N&N owner Mr Ma Chin Chew takes you behind the scenes, and shares more about the complex processes of egg farming.

Tapping on technology

Various forms of technology are used to nurture close to half a million hens at N&N: Robot cleaners are used to wash the cages; feed trucks can be automatically loaded into silos and the eggs are inspected and packed with automatic egg handling machines.

“Just as an example, cleaning the hen cages used to take 3 weeks to a month,” Chin Chew elaborated. “With automation, cleaning can be done in about 3 days.”

Pasteurised for your peace of mind

To ensure the safety and hygiene of its products, N&N puts a selected quantity of its eggs through pasteurisation. This delicate process involves immersing eggs in a warm water bath at a controlled temperature range and duration, destroying harmful salmonella and bird flu virus without affecting the eggs’ taste or nutritional value.

Besides pasteurised table eggs, N&N also produces a range of pasteurised egg products like Japanese-style ramen eggs, Tamagoyaki, poached eggs, hard boiled eggs and pasteurised liquid egg.

Waste not, want not

Besides being delicious, N&N’s eggs are great for the environment as well. The farm has been repurposing the manure produced by its chickens into biofuel that helps to generate electricity for the farm.

“This process is called anaerobic digestion,” Chin Chew explains. “Water is added to chicken manure and decomposed inside the anaerobic digester, producing methane gas. This is used to generate power for the farm.”

Farming for the future

Despite being one of Singapore’s most successful farms, N&N is not resting on its laurels. Plans are currently underway to expand production to 700,000 eggs a day, and $6 million has been invested into setting up a quail farm.

Fascinating farm facts

Farming is a fascinating profession. Here are some fun factoids to chew on!

NN - The Sunday Times

The Sunday Times conducted a blind taste test in Dec 2019 and N&N’s pasteurized eggs emerged 2nd and 3rd out of 10 selected brands of eggs, including some Japanese imported egg brands.

NN - Eco Friendliness

Just like Superman, N&N also taps the power of the sun. For eco-friendliness, the roofs of both the fresh egg processing and pasteurization plants are fitted with solar panels to capitalise on natural energy utilisation.

NN - Egg white and egg yolk

The first part of the egg that forms is the yolk, followed by the egg white and the egg shell.

NN - sophicated camera system

A sophisticated camera system is used at N&N to detect hairline cracks and blood spots in their eggs.

Feast for SG’s food security

Eat local and do your part to support our local farming community.

N&N fresh eggs are on shelves at major supermarkets while pasteurised fresh shell eggs are available at selected outlets of major supermarkets (chiller section) as well as online sites like RedMart and Amazon.

As for Tamagoyaki, and Japanese-style soft yolk eggs, you may find the full list of retailers here.

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