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First founded in 1997, Kin Yan is Singapore’s largest mushroom and wheatgrass farm. The farm’s roots in Singapore’s thriving agricultural scene run deep, with the farm supplying to restaurants, hotels and supermarkets across the island with a production of 150 tonnes of mushroom and 100 tonnes of wheatgrass a year.

Kin Yan has an abiding commitment to sustaining Singaporeans with finest organic produce. All of the farm’s crops are nurtured without the use of pesticide, chemicals and artificial fertilisers.

Wholesome harvests

Learn more about the process of wheatgrass and mushroom farming with See Jen Chuan, Kin Yan’s Senior Farm Manager.

The wonders of wheatgrass

Unlike some other plants that take longer to harvest, wheatgrass can be harvested in approximately 7 days from being planted.

“We harvest at around the seven-day mark because that’s when the plant’s nutritional value is at its highest,” Jen Chuan explains. “Since it’s a fast-growing crop, pests are minimal, which is why we don’t have to use pesticide.”

Mushroom farming 101

The mushrooms at Kin Yan are grown in spawn bags filled with corn, wood dust, rice husks and sugarcane. This mixture is heated at around 120 degrees for several hours to destroy bacteria, before spores are inserted.

The farm cultivates 5 different species of mushrooms, namely abalone mushroom, golden oyster mushroom, pink oyster mushroom, golden spring mushroom and black fungus.

Creating custom compost

Besides growing its plants in a pesticide-free environment, Kin Yan is committed to a 100% pesticide-free growing process. The farm cultivates its crops with custom compost, made from biological waste like wheatgrass, shoot clippings, roots and leftover greens that are unsuitable for sale.

“It’s quite a complex process that involves drying, mixing, and turning,” Jen Chuan shares. “It’s quite a laborious process that depends a lot on the weather, but the good thing is that you can reuse it several times.”

Efficient, pesticide-free farming

All of Kin Yan’s crops are grown in vertical stacks in a green space, allowing them to save space, employ a misting system to water their plants and avoid the incursion of pests. Using compost instead of soil to grow their wheatgrass also helps to minimise pest infestation.

Fascinating farm facts

Modern day farming is a fascinating profession. Learn more about Kin Yan Agrotech with these fun factoids.

Cultivates crops like edible cactuses, aloe vera, roselle and winter melons

Besides wheatgrass and mushrooms, Kin Yan also cultivates crops like edible cactuses, aloe vera, roselle and winter melons

3-4 months of preparation before a batch of compost is ready to use.

Talk about a labour of love — it can take up to 3-4 months of preparation before a batch of Kin Yan’s compost is ready to use.

Wheatgrass contains 17 amino acids, alongside vitamins A, C, E K and B complex.

Wheatgrass contains 17 amino acids, alongside vitamins A, C, E K and B complex, making it a great addition to any diet.

Feast for SG’S food security

Eat local and do your part to support our local farming community.

Feast on Kin Yan’s aromatic mushrooms and nutrient-packed wheatgrass by checking out the supermarket aisles at NTUC FairPrice, Sheng Siong and Prime Supermarket.

Keep an eye out for the SG Fresh Produce label to sample produce proudly grown and harvested on Singaporean soil.

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