Welcome to ACE Farm®

More than just a regular fish farm, ACE Farm® represents the height of modern aquaculture technology. ACE’s Eco-Ark — the company’s proprietary floating platform — is home to massive, closed containment systems, with each tank home to thousands of healthy, sustainably-farmed fish. 

With a slew of state-of-the-art technology, the farm’s impressive yields are thanks to the ingenuity of its CEO and founder, Leow Ban Tat.

With a two-star accreditation under the Singapore Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) certification scheme, ACE Farm® has its eye on the horizon. The farm’s two new Eco-Arks will allow it to produce approximately 500 tonnes of premium seafood per year, with species including red snapper, seabass and pearl grouper. 

A new dawn for aquaculture

Leow Ban Tat — CEO and founder of ACE Farm®—shares his insights into the technological marvels that power Eco-Ark.

Eureka — Exercising your fish

Eco-Ark’s massive tanks — known as closed-containment aquaculture systems —  protect the farm’s fish from environmental hazards like water pollution and algal bloom.

This ensures a high survival rate, as well as a safe environment for the fish. But that doesn’t mean that the fish live in stagnant water.

Built with the Archimedes principle in mind, the tanks — placed six metres below sea level — have been designed to create a current for the fish to swim against, leading to a leaner, tastier fish. And who says fish don’t need a treadmill?

What’s in the water?

Just like humans need clean air to thrive, fish need pristine water to stay healthy. Eco-Ark employs a sophisticated filtration system to create ideal living conditions for its fish. 

Sea water is pumped onboard the structure via inlets, before the water is filtered to eliminate suspended solids. The water is then ozonated, using a technology designed by Ban Tat with his expertise in marine engineering.

This meticulous process allows ACE Farm® to cultivate fish that do not require antibiotics or vaccinations.

An unbroken chain — from harvesting to processing

Unlike many other modern fish farms, ACE Farm® is designed for an unbroken production chain, which means that fish are hatched, nurtured, harvested and processed onboard the Eco-Ark. 

Approximately 1 million fish are grown each cycle, nurtured into fingerlings and then grown out to different sizes before being harvested and sorted. Their onboard processing facility and freezers ensure that customers get to taste the freshest fish possible.

The wonders of automation

While manual labour is still required onboard the Eco-Ark, the farm’s sophisticated automation systems mean that the lion’s share of work can be done with just a few manual workers. 

Two farm technicians and an aquaculture expert oversee the operations, while the workers attend to feeding, harvesting and processing the fish. Automatic feeders and modern technology like fish pumps — which allow fish to be easily transferred between tanks — aid in the process.

Fascinating farm facts

Farming is a fascinating profession. Here are some fascinating facts about fish farming on board the Eco-Ark.

ACE Farm Illustration 1

Waste not want not — ACE Farm®’s zero-waste policy ensures that every part of the fish is utilised, with the fishes’ bones being used as components of fertiliser, and the blood being used for animal feed. 

ACE Farm Illustration 2

Eco-Ark’s monitoring systems are able to measure oxygen levels, ammonia and temperature of each of its tanks.

ACE Farm Illustration 3

Talk about a labour of love — an Asian seabass takes about eight months to grow from fry to adult, while a grouper may take double the time.

Feast for SG’s food security 

Sample a taste of the future, and indulge in premium-quality fish from Eco-Ark. You’ll find their seabass, red snapper and grouper online at ACE Fish Market, or visit ACE Shop at Blk 71 Circuit Road #01-27.


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