Food Vending Machine

Licensing Approach

Food vending machine operations with (1) temperature control requirement and/or (2) food processing within the vending machine must be licensed in order to operate. SFA will issue a single licence to the food vending machine operator to operate multiple vending machines.

In general, SFA will issue a Food Vending Machines licence when the following conditions are met:

  • Compliance with the licensing requirements for vending machine operations

The appended requirements [PDF, 20 KB] covers areas such as design and structure, cleanliness and maintenance, food hygiene, food transportation and, site where the machines are places. These requirements will be verified through a pre-licensing check of the food vending machine(s)

  • Submission of relevant approvals and supporting documents
  1. Submit a copy of applicant's NRIC / Business Profile information from Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) 
  2. Equipment layout of vending machines (both interior and exterior)
  3. Detailed business proposal of the vending machine operation (Please refer to attached guide [PDF, 11 KB]  when preparing the business proposal)
  4. Completed excel sheet to indicate the location of the vending machines (Please refer to attached excel template [XLSX, 11 KB] to insert/update sites of vending machine)
  5. Tenancy Agreement of a single vending machine location

Submission of online application and licence fee

The online application for a Food Vending Machines licence can be submitted here. When filling the operating address, applicants may submit the location where any one of the vending machines is sited.

The licence costs $195.00 and is valid for one year.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does SFA determine which vending machine operations require a licence from SFA?

With the vast variety of vending machines in the market, SFA take a risk-based approach in regulating food vending machines where only food vending machines with (1) temperature-control requirement and/or (2) in-machine food preparation are to be licensed.

Examples of vending machine operations that require licensing Examples of vending machines operations that are exempted from licensing
Cooked meals, including cook-chill and cook-freeze meals Packaged or loose snacks without the need for temperature control e.g. potatoes chips, biscuits and confectionary
In-machine food preparation e.g. addition of toppings, cutting, boiling, grinding, juicing, mixing Canned or packed or bottled beverages e.g. carbonated drinks, tetra-packed drinks, UHT milk
Ice-cream/Yoghurt machines Packaged bread
Packaged food that are to be stored in chilled temperature e.g. Cut fruits, Salads, milk, yoghurt drink, fruit juice Drinks machines with only dry powdered ingredients
Packaged raw meat or seafood

My company has a variety of machines for different food types; do I need to obtain multiple food vending machine licences?

SFA will be issuing a single licence to the food vending machine operators to operate multiple vending machines. Operators with different types of machines are to submit the plan with detailed business proposal during pre-licensing stage or during update of vending machines. Operators shall also notify SFA of all locations where the vending machines are placed, as well as each new location where additional machines will be placed, prior to operations.

What are the food sources that can supply food to the vending machines?

All food for sale in vending machines must be obtained from licensed/approved source(s) i.e. SFA-licensed central kitchens, SFA-approved imported food and/or SFA-licensed food catering operation. The list of food items for sale shall be communicated to SFA before the operations and sale will be confined to those items only. Sale of food from unlicensed sources/premises is strictly not permitted.

How do I update additional sites of vending machines after obtaining SFA licence?

Licensee can use the attached excel template [XLSX, 11 KB]  to update via amendment of their licence in Gobusiness.