Singapore's Food Supply

Meeting Singapore's Food Supply

SFA's Role in Meeting Singapore's Food Supply

SFA’s primary strategy to ensure a continuous supply of safe food is to diversify our food sources. This is to reduce reliance on any single country and allow us to switch quickly to alternative sources when the need arises.

SFA constantly builds up efforts to enhance food safety and supply through active participation at every stage in the food chain. SFA’s takes on a multi-faceted approach through close collaboration with other government agencies and industry players.

This includes activities such as:

  • Business cluster meetings
  • CEO's dialogues with associations, supermarket retailers and importers

 These issues are usually discussed:

  • food supply challenges
  • potential new sources
  • consumer trends
  • plans in place to mitigate any supply disruption
Major sources of supply of key food items 

SFA's Food Fund

The food fund is for local companies to conduct studies on potential food zones and contract farming overseas. This helps us strengthen our source diversification efforts and enhance Singapore’s food supply resilience.

Ensuring Variety, Abundance & Constant Supplies of Food

As a small nation with limited agricultural output, Singapore depends heavily on imported food supplies, especially from regional countries. To ensure that Singaporeans enjoys a wide variety of food, SFA continuously works to identify new and potential food sources.

This includes outbound trade missions for food sourcing and fostering new business relationships.

Apart from imports, our local farms too provide a modest supply of eggs, fish, fruit and vegetables, cultivated at our high-tech, intensive farms. SFA also enhances the productivity of local farms through R&D and capability development.

Public Education

SFA educates consumers on the use of liquid eggs, egg powder, and frozen meat as viable alternatives to shell eggs and chilled meat. To complement the efforts of local farms in increasing productivity, we also encourage consumers to choose local produce and support our farmers.