Farming Technologies


Aquaculture refers to the farming of fish and shellfish. Improved techniques for breeding and larviculture as well as specialised systems for water and disease management are some of the technologies shared here.

In Singapore, there are two main aquaculture farm types:

  • Sea-based

Examples of sea-based farms are coastal net cage farms and close-containment floating farms located in Johor Straits, as well as open deep-sea net cage farms in our southern waters. Technologies such as auto-feeder and Internet-of-Things (IoT) are utilised in modern net cage farms, while close-containment farms deploy Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS).

  • Land-based

Culture methods in land-based farms range from open pond culture, tank-based systems and more recently, indoor multi-tier systems. Most of them are located in Lim Chu Kang and Murai. Tank-based or multi-tier farms utilise technologies such as IoT, water-monitoring systems and RAS which enable them to maximise productivity in a smaller footprint.

List of Technical Resources

Application of Endocrine Techniques in Fish Spawning

Application of Endocrine Techniques.. (Thumbnail)

Summary of the contributory factors leading to successful fish spawning and tips for induced spawning of different food fishes.


Application of RAS Technology in Hatchery Production

Application of RAS.. (Thumbnail)

Guide to setting up a Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) technology for hatchery production as well as its benefits, based on protocol developed at Marine Aquaculture Centre.


Breeding of Aquaculture Species – Jade Perch

Breeding of Aquaculture Species.. (Thumbnail)

Guide to jade perch (Scortum barcoo) breeding and larviculture techniques. Includes an assessment of its salinity tolerance for suitability in various coastal waters.


Development of Hatchery Technology for Red Snapper 

Development of Hatchery Technology for Red Snapper (Thumbnail)

A project exploring the development of an indoor hatchery protocol for commercial-scale fry production of red snapper including methods on overcoming key challenges associated with its indoor culture.


Prevention and Control of Monogenean Parasites in Fish

Monogeneans DP

Information on monogenean parasites commonly found in aquacultured fish in Singapore. Clinical signs of affected fish, identification of parasites and treatment options for farms. 

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Rotifer Culture Technology for Hatchery Production

Rotifer Culture Technology... (Thumbnail)

General guidelines on setting up a rotifer culture system and management protocols for greater operational efficiency. Includes developing an intensive recirculating aquaculture system for rotifers as well as an A.I. software for automatic rotifer counting.