Quality Assurance Schemes

Singapore Quality Egg Scheme (SQES)


The Singapore Quality Egg Scheme (SQES) introduced by SFA is a quality assurance scheme that ensures local chicken layer farms produce quality shell eggs that are fresh.

SQES Scheme

All of our local chicken egg farms are registered under the SQES scheme. They have the SQES logo labeled on their egg cartons. This logo is a mark of quality and freshness.

Under SQES, these farms undergo monthly inspections by SFA officers to ensure:

  • farm facilities are hygienic
  • farm's quality control monitoring systems are well maintained

SFA also collects egg samples monthly to test for freshness and farms will be audited annually for SQES membership renewal.

Egg Freshness Test

SFA conducts scientific Egg Freshness Test in our laboratories to make sure the eggs produced by the local chicken layer farms are fresh.

Freshness of eggs is measured by a Haugh Unit, which is obtained by measuring the thickness of egg white against the egg's weight.

Evaluation of eggs

Our local eggs are the freshest. They have received a Grade AA and a Haugh unit measurement of 72 and above.

Grade Haugh Units
AA 72
 A 60-71
 B 59 or less

Support our local eggs

Help support our local farmers by keeping them in business when you choose locally produced poultry eggs. You are also helping to promote environmental stewardship as the eggs you purchase travel a shorter distance to get to you.

These local eggs that you purchase are also the freshest due to the short time it takes for them to be delivered to the retail outlets.

The best quality is ensured because these local farms follow strict standards set by SFA during the production process. Farm and production codes are also printed on the local eggs, allowing you to easily find out where your eggs are from.