Food Farming

Land Available for Tender

Land Parcel & Location Tender Closing Date  Land Area (sqm) Permitted Farm Type
 LCK 70A at Neo Tiew Crescent   9 Jan 2018, 12 noon 15,575.0 Food Fish Farming
 LCK 70B at Neo Tiew Crescent   9 Jan 2018, 12 noon 15,574.9 Food Fish Farming
 LCK 173 at Neo Tiew Crescent   9 Jan 2018, 12 noon 23,961.2 Food Fish Farming

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Tender Packets

Tender Packets containing the Conditions of Tender, Technical Conditions of Tender, Form of Tender, Tender Proposal Form and other information are available for purchase at S$52.50 each (inclusive of GST) during office hours from 31 October 2017 onwards (Payment by NETS/Cashcard only):

SFA Service Centre
JEM Office Tower, 52 Jurong Gateway Road
Singapore 608550

Frequently Asked Questions

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Tender Documents (31 Oct 2017)

The documents and materials on this website are for information only. The documents and materials and other information available on-line may be updated from time to time and changes may be made to the documents. We will not be responsible for any consequences whatsoever which may result from reliance on the documents or materials that have been downloaded from this website.

Parties interested to participate in the tender for the sale sites are advised to purchase a Tender Packet. The responsibility of SFA and the Government is limited to notifying purchasers of the Tender Packet updates and changes to the documents.

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