b'MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIRMANEnsuring safe food for allBeyond food supply, having in place a robust food safety system is of paramount importance to ensure that the food we eat is safe. A long and complicated supply chain involving many parties may allow hazards to get into our food at any point along the chain. This results in foodborne illness incidents, which cause health and economic burden worldwide. SFA adopts strategies to ensure, manage, and enhance food safety through our regulatory regime as well as anticipatory and response mechanisms. Supporting the food safety regulatory and monitoring programme is our National Centre for Food Science (NCFS), which is the nations food safety testing and diagnostics laboratory.With a growing trend and interest in novel foods, last year, SFA implemented a new regulatory framework requiringIn order to build a rich ecosystem for laboratory services companies to seek its approval and undergo a scientificin Singapore, SFA started to develop a network of third-pre-market assessment before placing novel foods in theparty laboratories for the food industry to tap into for market. This framework facilitates the entry of alternativefoodtestingneeds.Weengagedwithalltheprivate proteins into the Singapore market, while ensuring theirlaboratoriesin2019andassessedthattheyhavethe safety to consumers. To further support our assessmentrequisite capabilities to support the food industry. To build of novel food, SFA will be establishing an internationalup the competency of these laboratories, we organised expertworkinggrouptoprovidescientificadviceontrainings in key areas, for example, radioactivity testing, food safety. norovirus testing, drugs and residues testing in meat as SFAiscommittedtoupholdinghighfoodsafetyandwell as meat products, and beverages, among others. With hygiene standards. Since its formation, SFA has conductedthese third-party laboratories supporting the industry, SFA morethan71,000inspections,andtakenmorethanhas been able to better focus its critical testing resource 2,100 enforcement actions against errant operators. Foron in-house quality testing needs of the food industry a more coordinated approach towards food safety, SFAsince January 2020. Moving forward, we will be introducing works closely with the Ministry of Health (MOH) andthe Laboratory Recognition Programme (LRP) which will the NEA under an integrated One Health Framework.enhance the recognition of private testing laboratories by Together, One Health agencies developed a coordinatedfood industry players and foreign competent authorities. emergencypreparednessresponseplanforfoodborneWe will also organise the proficiency testing programme outbreaks at the national level to ensure food safety fromandverificationprogramme(underLRP)tofurther farm to fork. strengthen the reliability of the laboratory testing services SFAalsoworkedcloselywithMOH,EarlyChildhoodprovided by third-party laboratories.Development Agency (ECDA), and Ministry of EducationJoint food safety responsibility and (MOE)toadoptamulti-prongedplantoreducefoodstakeholder engagementpoisoning in pre-schools. This included briefings on goodEven as SFA puts in place a regulatory system and an hygiene practices for food handlers and cleaners, togetherenabling environment to ensure food safety, food business with the issuance of guidelines on proper handling, storage,operatorshaveacriticalroletoplayinmaintaining andconsumptionofcateredfoodwhenitisdelivered.goodfoodsafetystandardsandtakingresponsibility We also conducted targeted checks on caterers that supplyforthesafetyofthefoodtheyoffertothepublic. food to childcare centres. Indeed, in early 2019, there wasCorrespondingly, consumers should also demand that the a spike in food poisoning incidents in pre-schools, whichfood they consume is safely prepared while they adhere was a reminder to all involved that there was no room forto good food hygiene practices and make informed food complacency where food safety was concerned. As for foodsafety decisions.safety at food fairs, SFA worked closely with organisers such asCitizensConsultativeCommittees(CCCs),ResidentsSFAholdsregulardialogueswithtradersandfood Committees(RCs),andPeoplesAssociation(PA)tomanufacturers to raise awareness of food safety measures, improvefoodhygienepractices.Onegoodexampleofencourage the implementation of food safety management this cooperation was the Geylang Serai Bazaar in 2019systems such as the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control where SFA liaised with PA to put in place controls suchPoint (HACCP) in the food industry, and assist them in as Closed Circuit Television Cameras (CCTVs) to improvecomplying with regulatory requirements. We also held our food safety and hygiene conditions at the Bazaar.6 SINGAPORE FOOD AGENCYANNUAL REPORT 2019/20'