b'grow further. This is also in line with the developmentsto kick-start their careers as junior agriculture technicians. globallywheretheamountoffarmedfishhasalreadyTomeetmanpowerneedsforhigherskillsandcareer exceeded caught fish a few years ago. progression,SFAisalsoworkingwiththeNanyang To further advance sustainable aquaculture and anchorTechnologicalUniversity,SingaporeandWageningen strategiccapabilitiesinSingapore,SFAalsoinvestedUniversity&Research(Netherlands)tointroducea in Research and Development (R&D) in areas such asGraduate Certificate in Food Science & Technology that theestablishmentofafeedtrialfacilityatitsMarinecoverscontemporarytopicsonurbanagri-technology, AquacultureCentre(MAC). Thefacility,togetherwithsuch as the post-harvest of agricultural produce as well as MACsothersharedR&Dfacilities(tanksystemsandnovel foods like microalgae and insects. This programme incubatorspaces,amongstothers)willalsogeneratewill commence in October 2020.indirect economic benefits such as enterprise researchAsSFAworkstowardsdeliveringonour30-by-30 investment and employment. Adisseo, one of the worldsgoal,wealsoneedthesupportofSingaporeansto leading feed additives companies, is one such companymake conscious choices to go for locally produced food. that has recently set up its aquaculture research stationThis will go a long way to encourage and sustain our local at MAC last year. This is their first research station in thefarmers to continue to innovate and produce quality food Southeast Asian region.R&D will continue to play a key role to drive innovation andplugexistingtechnologicalgaps.Tosupportour 30-by-30goal,wedevelopedtheSingaporeFood StoryR&Dprogramme,andtheGovernmenthas allocated$144milliontowardstheprogrammefrom its Research, Innovation and Enterprise 2020 (RIE2020) plan. In December 2019, SFA and A*STAR launched grant calls to fund innovative research projects in two themes (i) SustainableUrbanFoodSolutions,and(ii) Future Foods: Alternative Proteins. Both calls received very good response. Theproposalswillbeevaluated,andawardsfor Singapore. Since 2017, SFA has been partnering with given out in the coming year. the Singapore Agro-Food Enterprises Federation (SAFEF) Agri-food is a new growth sector that will provide newto organise Farmers Markets to raise awareness of local jobsandexcitingcareeropportunities. Thissectorwillproduce. Earlier this year, SFA also unveiled a new logo, require a pool of talents in agriculture and aquaculturewhich it co-created with the industry and public, to help technologies,within-depthunderstandingofurbanSingaporeans identify local produce more easily. There is farmingprocessesandbusinessmodels,andexpertisealsogrowinginterestincommunityfarmingsincethe inareasincludingengineering,Industry4.0technology,launch of a pilot rooftop farm, Citiponics, in Ang Mo Kio. andentrepreneurship. TheywillformthecoreofourSFA has since worked with the Housing and Development localhigh-techagri-foodecosystemandleadthewayBoard (HDB) to identify more rooftop spaces on HDB inacceleratingthedevelopmentandadoptionofnewmulti-storey carparks across the island and will start to technologies and innovations to transform the agri-foodtender out these spaces.sector in Singapore.Tobuildthistalentpool,weputinplacean Attract,Growing overseasEmplace and Retain strategy. On attracting students toOver the years, we have also been supporting local farms pursue a career in the agri-food sector, SFA continuedintheiroverseasexpansion.Growingtheirbusinesses to work with Institutes of Higher Learning and farms tooverseas allows farms to tap on the more abundant land provide structured internships. In 2019, 21 students wereand manpower available to lower production costs, and, at matched to 11 farms. SFA also collaborated with Republicthe same time, to enable them to break into new markets. Polytechnic(RP)tolaunchanewpart-timeDiplomaTaken together with the local demand, it will also make inAppliedScienceinUrbanAgriculturalTechnology.them more competitive by having greater economies of More than 60 adult learners enrolled in this new part-timescale and enable them to compete based on research and diplomatoupgradetheirknowledge.Amongsttheseinnovation. We will continue to encourage our farms to students were six fresh Institute of Technical Educationanchor their expertise locally while expanding operations (ITE)graduatesparticipatingundertheSkillsFutureoverseas.Someofourfarms,like Apollo Aquaculture, Work-Study initiative. The latter emplaces ITE graduateshave already done so in Brunei. This will further contribute into the industry and equips them with relevant skillsetsto Singapores food resilience.SINGAPORE FOOD AGENCYANNUAL REPORT 2019/20 5'