b'INCULCATINGDEVELOPING A CULTURE OFOUR PEOPLE INNOVATIONDuringtheFY,SFAcontinuedtoinvestinbuildingits The inaugural SFA Learning Fiesta was launched duringofficers skills and competencies to keep them future-ready the Public Service Week in July 2019 to celebrate life-longand well equipped to excel at work. learning and innovation. Workshops on urban farming andOn top of activities to orientate all officers to the mission, alternative proteins were conducted. We also organisedvision, and ethos of SFA, functional training programmes aFoodScienceDaythemedFoodScienceforAll,werealsoconductedtodeveloptherelevantofficers whereSFAsscientificandinnovativedevelopmentsexpertise in legislation and roles as inspectors. In addition, were showcased. atrainingnetworkwasformedtoidentifyoperational In addition, staff are encouraged to find innovative waystraining needs and develop in-house training materials.toimproveprocessestosavetimeandcreatebetterTo encourage officers to deepen their competencies in customer experiences. We took part in the Public Servicespecificareasofwork,anSFAEducationSponsorship Divisions Million Hours Savings initiative and clocked overScheme was introduced to sponsor 50 percent of the 65,000 hours of time savings in 2019. These hours werecompulsory fees for part-time local courses at a recognised channelled to other value-added work. educationalinstitution.InFY2019,fourofficerswere awardedtheeducationsponsorshiptopursuefurther PUTTINGstudies in the fields of food science and public health.CUSTOMERS FIRSTAsacustomer-orientedorganisation,SFAisconstantly improvingitsservicedeliverytomeetever-rising public expectations. In FY 2019, we stayed true to our commitment to provide greater convenience and seamless customer experience to those we serve.Introducing 24/7 feedback platformSinceSFAsformation,wehavebeenresponsiblefor attending to feedback and enquiries on retail food outlet operations which were previously handled by NEA. In FY 2019, we incorporated a 24/7 hotline for members of the public to report cases of food poisoning, food hygiene, and illegal hawking. We also introduced a dedicated hotline for the reporting of food poisoning cases to ensure such cases are attended to expeditiously.Improving licence application processes InOctober2019,SFAlaunchedtwonewservicesfor the application of the Food Shop Licence and Food Stall Licence. Working with the Ministry of Trade and Industry and GovTech, the new services were designed to provide businesses with benefits such as a reduction in the number of forms to fill out and a shorter application process.SINGAPORE FOOD AGENCYANNUAL REPORT 2019/20 63'