b'ENABLING EXCELLENCEHARNESSINGlearningwillbeemployedforreal-timemonitoringof food security and safety. Coupled with horizon scanning DIGITALISATION ANDand business intelligence, predictive analytics will help to DATA ANALYTICS identify high-risk food security situations. In addition, data analysis capabilities are being put in place SFAisconstantlyenhancingitsprocessesthroughto study results from food safety test results. Data-driven technologyanddigitalisation,sothatitcaneffectivelysurveillancewillenableustosharpenourfoodsafety enforce its standards, and better serve the needs of theregime.Forexample,itwillallowustoimplement nation. We are on a digitalisation journey to transformefficient audit-based surveillance programme on all food and improve our processes by harnessing the power ofbusinessesandbettertargetourphysicalenforcement networks, data, and smart technologies.actions on non-compliance cases.Tofacilitatethistransformation,theSFAOperationsBigdatacanalsohelptoimprovegoodcustomer Centre was set up in January 2020 as an experimentationexperience.InFY2019,westudiedtheenquiresand laboratory for us to trial the use of advanced analyticsfeedback received, to identify key issues pertaining to food anddatavisualisationforfoodsupplytraceability,foodservices,retaillicenceapplication,andlicencerenewal. safety alerts, and food recall.Prototypes of interactiveA business process review is underway to identify the dashboards,includinggeospatialdistributionmaps,causal factors.havebeenbuiltintoenableimpactassessmentonAs part of the digitalisation of work processes, a mobile foodsupplydisruptionscenarios(e.g.flooding,animalapplication was rolled out to allow staff to apply for leave disease outbreaks). and file transport claims on-the-go, without having to log Real-timefoodsecurityandfoodsafetysituationinto the secure intranet network. Plans are also in the awareness will be set up in the operations centre. Datapipeline to equip more officers with smart devices that will be aggregated based on past incidences, and machinewould allow them to retrieve information, task orders, and carry out operations remotely.62 SINGAPORE FOOD AGENCYANNUAL REPORT 2019/20'