b'WhenthegovernmentannouncedstrictersafeA small handful (e.g. field workers and service counter distancingmeasuresafterraisingtheDORSCONlevelstaff)withnon-criticalfunctionsorthosewhowere to orange, SFA implemented the new work measures onunable to telecommute were re-assigned to other roles 30 March 2019. Telecommuting was the default workingsuch as safe distancing ambassadors/enforcement officers, arrangement where amenable, and staff must follow splitor answering customer queries from home.team arrangements when they returned to the office forThese arrangements and measures will be reviewed as occasionalcriticalmatters. Toensurecriticalfunctionsthe situation evolves.likelaboratorytestingandfieldinspectionsremain undisrupted,agroupofofficerscontinuedworking physically at the workplace or on-site. To minimise the risk of COVID-19 transmission, they were required to adhere to safe distancing measures such as spilt teams, spilt locations, and wearing of masks. In times of crises and disruptions, SFA maintains its operational readiness through a calibrated and coordinated response that is guided by the relevant contingency and business continuity plans that we have developed. During the FY, we continued to build resilience and ensure SFAs vigilance on national security and issues, which may arise during peacetime or emergencies.SINGAPORE FOOD AGENCYANNUAL REPORT 2019/20 61'