b'ENABLING EXCELLENCEEXCELLENCE IN ALL THAT WE DO, NOW AND FOR THE FUTURE.Globally and within Singapore, we are facing more uncertainties in food security, which can be affected by complex issues such as geopolitical tensions, climate change, and disease outbreaks. The public also has increasing demands on our services in this digital age. To meet these challenges, we continued to undertake efforts to prepare for the future, ensure efficient operations, and enhance service delivery. SFA carries out horizon scanning to detect potential global threat events and situations that may impact food security. This practice helps us prepare for any food supply disruptions by providing lead time for decision-making and response options. We study emerging strategic issues as well as future scenarios to provide insights that enhance SFAs policy-making and strategic preparedness. Recognising our workforce as key to our progress, we remain focused on empowering our people to better serve the needs of the nation, by improving their competencies and well-being.PREPARING FOR ANDIn light of the COVID-19 crisis, we conducted preparedness exercises to test the robustness of our contingency and RESPONDING TObusiness continuity plans. In February 2020, two exercises wereheldtoexaminetheoperationaleffectiveness EMERGENCY ofsocialdistancingmeasuresatwork.Arrangements for split teams, split locations, and telecommuting were Intimesofcrisesanddisruptions,SFAmaintainsitstrialled. Atthesametime,officerswereremindedto operational readiness through a calibrated and coordinatedrecord their temperatures twice daily and practise good response that is guided by the relevant contingency andpersonalhygiene.Standardoperatingproceduresand business continuity plans that we have developed. Duringbriefings were also rolled out to guide pandemic-response the FY, we continued to build resilience and ensure SFAsmanagers on the safe steps to take when a staff member vigilance on national security and issues, which may arisefalls ill while in the office. during peacetime or emergencies. This included capacity development,training,andresponseplanningexercises. These efforts were complemented by our participation inWhole-of-Governmentcollaborationandcrisis management exercises.60 SINGAPORE FOOD AGENCYANNUAL REPORT 2019/20'