b'MEETING OF AARNETFINALISING ASEAN STEERING COMMITTEE PROJECT ON BIOTOXINS AND HARMFUL ALGAL SFAchairsthe ASEAN-AVRDCRegionalNetworkfor VegetableResearchandDevelopment(AARNET).BLOOMSIn April2019,weheadedthe14 thAARNETSteering CommitteeMeeting,whichdeliberatedonprojectsSFAs MAC is the collaborating centre of the Southeast Asian coveringgermplasmdiversity;protectedcultivation;Fisheries Development Centre (SEAFDEC). It promotes biopesticide/biocontrol; and the South American leafminer,post-harvest technology development in regional fisheries, Tuta absoluta . Members agreed to submit proposals forbyimplementingactivitiesunderSEAFDECsMarine funding consideration. Fisheries Research Department (MFRD) programmes.On14-15August2019,SFAhostedthefinalisation meeting for MFRDs research project titled Chemical and Drug Residues in Fish and Fish Products in Southeast AsiaBiotoxins (ASP, AZA and BTX) & Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) in the ASEAN Region. The project served to upgrade regional laboratory capabilities in ASP, AZA, and BTX testing, as well as the in the identification of toxic HABspecies.Inaddition, ASEANmembersdeepened theirknowledgeoftheoccurrencesandincidencesof biotoxins and HAB species in Southeast Asia. In closing the project, a research publication was also made available as a useful tool for members.HOSTING DISTINGUISHED VISITORSDuring the FY, we received foreign dignitaries and officials, and shared with them our food security strategies, regulatory control, and functions.Date Visitor 15 Apr 2019 Li Tianlin, Executive Vice Mayor of Jilin City, Peoples Republic of China8 May 2019 H.E. Margriet Vonno, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Netherlands to Singapore12 Jun 2019 H.E. Marc Abensour, Ambassador of France to Singapore 13 Jun 2019 H.E. Kagawa Takehiro, Ambassador of Japan to Singapore19 Jun 2019 H.E. Ulrich A Sante, Ambassador of Germany to Singapore 26 Jun 2019 H.E. Karan Andrews, Minister for Industry, Science and Technology, Australia28 Aug 2019 H.E. Kara Owen, British High Commissioner to Singapore 24 Oct 2019 Pengiran Hasnan, Permanent Secretary of Industry, Brunei 13 Nov 2019 H.E. Istvn Jakab, Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hungary 27 Nov 2019 H.E. Jo Tyndall, New Zealand High Commissioner to Singapore28 Nov 2019 David Williamson, Deputy Secretary, Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, Australia11 Dec 2019 Akinremi Alade Bolaji, Head of Mission, Nigerian High Commission 4 Mar 2020 H.E. Sagi Karni, Ambassador of Israel to Singapore SINGAPORE FOOD AGENCYANNUAL REPORT 2019/20 57'