b'STRENGTHENING INTERNATIONAL RELATIONSWORKING WITH ASEANCOUNTERPARTS.SFA works closely with ASEAN counterparts in enhancing regional cooperation and facilitating free movement of safe food products. The meetings, discussions, and trainings via various collaborative projects provide opportunities for Singapore to reinforce ties with fellow ASEAN members.MEETING OF THEMEETING OF THE ASEAN PREPARED FOODSTUFFSECTORAL WORKING PRODUCT WORKINGGROUP ON CROPSGROUP thSFA hosted and chaired the 26Meeting of the ASEAN SFA organised the 29 thMeeting of the Prepared FoodstuffSectoral WorkingGrouponCrops(ASWGC)inJuly ProductWorkingGroup(PFPWG)anditsRelated2019. Through the ASWGCs strong network of regional Meetings from 18 to 22 November 2019. The meetingspartnersandthevariousinitiativesoncrops,ASEAN centred on topics such as harmonisation of food safetymembershavebeenabletoleverageeachothers standards, inspection and certification systems, laboratorystrengths and expertise, while working towards improving and proficiency testing capabilities, and strengthening ofthesustainabilityofourfoodproductionsystemsand the food control system from farm to table. contributingtoregionalfoodsecurity.Aspartofthe meeting,delegatesvisitedCitiponicsFarm,Singapores first commercial rooftop farm on top of a Housing & Development Board (HDB) multi-storey carpark.56 SINGAPORE FOOD AGENCYANNUAL REPORT 2019/20'