b'STRENGTHENING INTERNATIONAL RELATIONSSTRATEGIC INTERNATIONAL ENGAGEMENTS SAFEGUARD OUR INTERESTS IN FOOD SECURITY.We maintain close ties with the international community in the spirit of exchange and collaboration. During the FY, we continued to safeguard and advance Singapores interests, collaborate on capacity building, and contribute to regional developments in food security.COLLABORATING WITHIn addition, under the auspices of the Singapore-United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) MOU, AUSTRALIA ANDSFA conducted a workshop on Laboratory Testing and Risk Assessment of Veterinary Drug Residues in Aquaculture NEW ZEALAND ONProducts in December 2019. In collaboration with ASEAN FOOD SAFETY andFAO,wefacilitatedknowledgesharingonvarious aquaculturefoodsafetyactionplansandregulations. On23March2020,SFAsignedaMemorandumofRelevant practical demonstrations and discussions were Understanding(MOU)withFoodStandardsAustraliaalso included as part of the workshop.New Zealand (an independent statutory agency), together withEnterpriseSingapore(ESG). Theagreementwill see all parties collaborating on food safety programmes and standards in areas of mutual interest, including risk assessment of novel foods and food additives, as well as the identification of emerging food issues. SUPPORTING GLOBAL COOPERATION IN FOOD SAFETY CAPACITYPARTICIPATING IN KEY BUILDING MEETINGS FOR BETTER Singapore is a member of the World Banks Global FoodPOLICY MAKING AND Safety Partnership (GFSP), which supports and promotes international cooperation in food safety capacity building.PLANNINGDuringtheFY,SFAworkedwithGFSPtoconduct workshops to introduce Singapores food safety regulatorySFAparticipatesinkeyglobalandregionalforumsto systems,exchangeviewsonfoodsafetyinitiatives,andkeep abreast of food security issues. This allows us to gain build food safety testing capabilities. insights and receive updates on new developments that InSeptember2019,wejoinedtheGFSPGoverningcanbetterinformpolicymakingandplanning.Bilateral Committee as an observer member, which allowed usmeetings are also held to facilitate agri-trade and foster to gain greater influence in the development of globalwarm relations.foodsafetystandards. Throughnetworkingwithglobal food safety experts and key opinion leaders, we profile Singapore and SFAs expertise in food safety. 54 SINGAPORE FOOD AGENCYANNUAL REPORT 2019/20'