b'ENSURING SAFE FOOD FOR ALLPROMOTING JOINTsafetyregulatoryoversight,recognitionoffoodsafety performance, and the building of industry competence in RESPONSIBILITY INfood safety. FOOD SAFETYIn May 2019, a visioning exercise brought 150 industry stakeholderstogethertochartthefutureofthefood While SFA puts in place a regulatory system and enablingindustry. Three strategic initiatives were identified, namely: environment to ensure food safety, the food industry must(1)improvingtrustandvisibilityofsupplychain;(2) maintain good food safety standards and be responsiblepromoting Singapore standards and harmonising across forthesafetyofthefoodtheyoffertoconsumers.industryand ASEAN;and(3)raisingpublicawareness In addition, consumers have a role to play by adhering tooflocalfoodproduction.Followingthat,focusgroup good food safety and hygiene practices, as well as makingdiscussionswereheldtodeep-diveintosomeofthe informed decisions. During the FY, SFA continued to worksuggestions raised during the exercise. This initiative won with the industry and engage with the public to promotethe MEWR Citizen Engagement Award, which recognises joint responsibility in food safety.agency-level initiatives that have gone the extra mile to understand and engage with citizens or businesses.Working with the industryTo engage with the industry and to strengthen the food safety system, dialogue sessions with food manufacturers and food services associations were conducted in FY 2019. Discussions covered topics such as enhancements to food 50 SINGAPORE FOOD AGENCYANNUAL REPORT 2019/20'