b'As at the end of the FY, 12 private testing laboratories wererecognisedunderLRP.Thefoodindustrycan engage testing services from this list of SFAs recognised private laboratories to meet its food testing needs, that is in-house quality testing and export certificate testing. TheLRPinitiativewaspresentedwiththeMinister Award for Excellent Service (Team) at the Minister of Environment and Water Resources (MEWR) Excellence Day 2020.Collaborating with local and international expertsNCFSpartnerswithvariousresearchinstitutes(RIs), institutesofhigherlearning(IHLs),andoverseasfood safetyorganisationsinfoodsafety-relatedresearch. Some research collaborations we embarked on during the FY included: Developmentofa3D-RHEintestinemodeland co-culturesystemtoassessthepotentialBuilding regional/international capacity riskofnanogenotoxicity(A*STAR,NanyangAs an OIE Collaborating Centre for Food Safety and the Technological University) ASEAN Food Reference Laboratory for Environmental AssessmentofthethreatofapreviouslyunknownContaminants, Pesticides, Mycotoxins, as well as Marine foodborne pathogen (Group B Streptococcus) to theBiotoxinsandScombrotoxin,NCFScontinuedto safety and resiliency of the food supply in Singaporecollaboratewithinternationalandlocalexpertsin (National University of Singapore, NEA, KK Womensenhancinglaboratorytestingcapabilitiesintheregion. and Childrens Hospital, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Ng TengIn collaboration with ASEAN and the Global Food Safety FongGeneralHospital,SingaporeGeneralHospital,Partnership, NCFS conducted laboratory trainings on the ChangiGeneralHospital, AlexandraHealth,Nationalfollowing for overseas participants during the FY:University Health System) Pesticide residues analysisCo-developmentoffoodbornepathogenandtoxinsDetection of total mercury for fish products by cold detection systems (A*STAR) vapour AASEnhancement of food safety and supporting regionalTesting and risk assessment of veterinary drug residues authentication of foodstuffs through implementation ofin aquaculture productsnuclear techniques (FAO/IAEA) Detection of aflatoxins B & G in nuts and cereal.Field-deployableanalyticalmethodstoassesstheIn addition, three ASEAN proficiency testing programmes authenticity, safety and quality of food (FAO/IAEA) were organised by NCFS:Aflatoxins B in maizeBenzo(a)pyrene in olive oilMulti-pesticide residues in French beans.SINGAPORE FOOD AGENCYANNUAL REPORT 2019/20 49'