b'MONITORING AND TESTING FOR FOOD SAFETYSFAsNationalCentreofFoodScience(NCFS)isthe nationalreferencelaboratoryonfoodscience.Itplays acrucialroleintheenforcementofSingaporesfood safety regulations and conducts food safety monitoring togeneratescientificdataforriskassessment. Ourapplicationofscienceandtechnologyenablesus to address emerging food safety and security concerns with an evidence-based approach.NCFS also plays a regional and international role as the OIECollaboratingCentreforFoodSafety,the WHOEnhancing testing & diagnostic capabilitiesCollaborating Centre for Food Contamination Monitoring,NCFSprovidesscientificexpertiseinfoodsafetyby andASEANFoodReferenceLaboratoriesinmultipleperformingin-depthappliedresearch,riskassessment foodsafetytestingareas.Welendourexpertiseinstudies,dataanalytics,andlaboratorydiagnosis.InFY various capacity-building programmes that strengthen the2019, about 158,000 laboratory tests on close to 44,000 technical competency of local, regional, and internationalsamples of food were conducted at NCFS. It also continued food testing laboratories. to provide testing services to support the investigation of NCFS is formed through the consolidation of food safetyfoodborne disease outbreaks.laboratory expertise that were previously under HSA and then-AVA. To bring these laboratories under one roof, a new NCFS facility will be set up in a commercial space, which SFA secured at the International Business Park in FY 2019. VOLUME OF TESTS PERFORMED AT NCFS (FY 2019)Import Functions Export Control Surveillance Commercial TotalSamples tested 2,310 28,612 10,196 2,773 43,891Laboratory tests performed 9,842 169,954 70,152 7,781 257,729Results obtained 13,451 1,522,756 606,010 25,703 2,167,920SINGAPORE FOOD AGENCYANNUAL REPORT 2019/20 45'