b'ENSURING SAFE FOOD FOR ALLWith CCTV, food establishments will be able to betterInFY2019,SFAdevelopedatrainingframeworkto monitortheiroperations,andshapegoodbehaviourupgradethecompetencyofFHOs,andallowthem amongfoodhandlersincomplyingwithfoodsafetytoupskillandprogressto AdvancedFHOs. Advanced and hygiene regulations. In the event of a gastroenteritisFHOs, who are required to have a higher competency, outbreak, SFA will obtain CCTV footage from implicatedwill be trained to develop and implement pre-requisite food establishments to facilitate investigations. During theprogrammesandHACCP-basedFSMSattheirfood FY,SFAbeganengagingwithfoodmanufacturersandestablishments to minimise food safety risks. They will also food services associations on this new requirement. be equipped with the skills to conduct internal audits on the implemented systems. Maintaining retention samplesInMarch2020,SFAalsoannouncedthatfoodHarmonising training framework establishmentscateringtovulnerablegroups(e.g.Currently, all food handlers at retail food establishments preschools, nursing homes) will be required to maintainare required to attend and pass the Basic Food Hygiene retention samples of the food they provide. In the eventCourse (BFHC), which covers key topics such as personal of a gastroenteritis outbreak, these food retention sampleshygiene, proper food handling, and storage. In FY 2019, will be tested by SFA to facilitate investigations. SFA willSFA embarked on revising the BFHC curriculum, which continue to engage with the industry, and more details onwill also be extended to non-retail food establishments the implementation and timeline will be made available atwhen it is rolled out in late 2020. a later date.Extending Food Safety Management System planAuditing food retail establishments for SG Clean requirement to central kitchens quality markCurrently, caterers and retail food establishments licensedToelevategoodhygienepracticestoanationallevel, to provide catering services are required to implementthe NEA, together with SFA, the Enterprise Singapore, a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)-basedECDA, MOE, Singapore Tourism Board, and Ministry of FoodSafetyManagementSystem(FSMS)plan.SFATransport, rallies various sectors to commit to upholding announced in March 2020 that this requirement will begoodsanitationandhygienepractices,thoughthe SG extended to central kitchens providing catering services.Clean campaign.TheFSMSplanisapreventiveapproachtowardsUnderthecampaign,the SGCleanqualitymarkis identifying, preventing, and reducing foodborne hazards, toprogressivelyrolledouttovarioussectors,starting ensure that food is safe for consumption. A well-designedwithhawkercentres.Stakeholderscommitandadhere FSMS with appropriate control measures can help foodtosector-specificsanitationandhygienechecklists, establishmentscomplywithfoodhygieneregulationscovering areas such as management oversight, cleaning effectively, so that food prepared for sale is hygienic. methodology, toilet cleanliness, and general public hygiene. SFAbeganauditinghawkerstalls,coffeeshops,and Strengthening industry competency in food safetycanteens under this campaign in FY 2019. An SG Clean A competent, appropriately trained workforce is requiredquality mark was awarded to premises that complied with tosupporttheadoptionofsystemsandprocessesthe respective checklists. As the end of FY 2019 a total forbetterfoodsafetyassurancebythefoodindustry.of 4,033 hawker and market stalls, 819 coffee shop stalls, InFY2019,SFAannouncedthatitwillenhancetheand 229 canteens received the SG Clean quality mark.competency and training framework to upskill the food industryworkforceinfoodsafetyandhygiene.We willalsoharmonisetrainingrequirementsandcourse curriculum across the food industry.Enhancing Food Hygiene Officer frameworkLicenseesoffoodretailbusinessesthatareinvolvedin large-scale food preparation and with multiple food stalls are required to appoint a Food Hygiene Officer (FHO) to reinforce hygiene and sanitation standards in the licensed premises. The appointed staff has to pass the Conduct Food & Beverage Hygiene Audit Course to qualify as an FHO.44 SINGAPORE FOOD AGENCYANNUAL REPORT 2019/20'