b'Preventing gastroenteritis incidents ENHANCING THE FOOD A significant number of gastroenteritis incidents tend to occur during the festive October-March period, as moreSAFETY SYSTEMconsumersdineout,ordercateredfood,orpurchase cooked/ready-to-eatfoodforcelebrations.InviewofTheformationofSFAallowsfortheintegratedand this, SFA issued an advisory to the food retail industryharmonisedoversightoffoodsafety-relatedmatters in November 2019 to remind them to adhere to goodfrom farm to fork. With this new focus, we are rolling hygiene practices during food preparation and handling.out enhancements to the food safety system under three Wealsosteppedupourinspectionoflicenseesthatkey strategies of (1) recognising food safety performance, provide catering services and premises with substantial(2) improving food safety monitoring, and (3) strengthening catering operations during this period.industry competency in food safety.FollowinggastroenteritisincidentsthatbrokeoutinRecognising food safety performancepreschoolsinearly2019,SFAworkedwiththeEarlySFA is working towards introducing a unified licensing and Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) and MOH torecognition framework for all retail and non-retail food jointly conduct briefing sessions for food handlers andestablishments. This new framework will replace the annual cleaners in preschools to promote good personal, food,grading and licence renewal system for food processing/ and environmental hygiene practices. Circulars were alsomanufacturing establishments, as well as the Food Hygiene issued to remind childcare centres operators and schoolsRecognitionSchemeforretailfoodestablishments. As of the importance of maintaining high standards of foodopposedtoanannualgradingaudit,whichprovidesa safety and hygiene. snapshot reflection of a food establishments food safety FOOD RECALLSand hygiene standards, the new framework will take into account the ongoing performance of food establishments. (FY 2019) Underthisframework,foodestablishmentsthat 12 continuously maintain good track records of high food 10 safetyandhygienestandardswillberecognisedand awarded a longer licence duration. Number of recallsIndevelopingtheintegratedframework,SFAengaged with industry associations during FY 2019 and feedback 3 was taken into consideration. SFA will continue to engage 1 and work with the industry on the implementation of the framework. Allergen Chemical Microbial Physical Enabling the industry to enhance food safety monitoringReason for recalls Even as SFA puts in place a regulatory system to ensure Allergen - Undeclared allergens such as milk, egg, peanut, and almond Chemical - Pesticides and unauthorised additivesfoodsafety,theindustryhasajointresponsibilityin Microbial - Bacteria (e.g. E.coli, Listeria) and viruses (e.g. norovirus)maintaining good food safety standards and upholding the Physical - Foreign matters safety of the food they offer to consumers. In FY 2019, Executing food recallsSFAannouncednewrequirementsthatwillberolled Products that are found to be in breach of food safetyout in the next few years to encourage and enable the requirements are recalled from retail outlets and foodindustry to play a greater role in food safety monitoring. establishments. SFA works closely with food companies,Installing closed-circuit television camerasrelevant agencies, and our overseas counterparts in thisPremisessuchascaterersandcentralkitchenspose processtotraceaffectedbatches. Wealsoadviseonhigher food safety risks, as they prepare and distribute measures to prevent recurrence of such incidents. largevolumesoffood.Aspartoftheseriesofnew SFA also has the legislative power to swiftly effect foodrequirements developed and announced by SFA in FY recallswhencontaminationissuspected. Thisensures2019, this group of licensees will be required to install that the public is not subjected to unnecessary risks whileclosed-circuit television cameras (CCTVs). investigations and testing are ongoing. During the FY, a total of 26 recalls were conducted, due to allergen, chemical, microbial, and physical contaminations. SINGAPORE FOOD AGENCYANNUAL REPORT 2019/20 43'