b'ENSURING SAFE FOOD FOR ALLClamping down on illegal hawking MANAGING FOOD Illegalhawkingoffoodposesriskstofoodsafety. Sub-standardhygiene,handling,andstoragepracticesSAFETY INCIDENTSby illegal hawkers can contaminate food with chemical and microbiological hazards. Additionally, the distributionFood safety incidents can happen at any point along the networkofthefoodsoldbyillegalhawkersisalsofood supply chain, and can be caused by microbiological unknown,whichimpedestracinginvestigationsinthe(e.g. salmonella), chemical (e.g. pesticides, drug residues, event of a gastroenteritis outbreak. additives,heavymetals),physical(e.g.glassormetal SFAconductssurveillanceatillegalhawkinghotspotspieces),orallergenic(e.g.nuts)hazards. Toeffectively island wide and responds to public feedback on illegalmanagefoodsafetyincidents,itiscriticaltoestablish hawking.Officersaredeployedtovariouslocationsprocesses that allow us to respond in a timely and effective aroundSingapore,tofacilitatepromptresponsetomanner. Such processes include investigation as well as feedback received. In FY 2019, we issued 350 warningsenforcement actions like suspension, fines, warnings, and and 117 composition fines. In total, 742 cases of illegalrecalls where necessary. hawking activities were prosecuted.Investigating gastroenteritis incidentsSafeguarding against COVID-19 transmission SFAinvestigatesgastroenteritiscasesandsuspected To help the food industry manage the risk of COVID-19foodsafetylapsesthatoccurinSFA-licensedfood transmission while operating, in February 2020, SFA issuedestablishments. In the case of gastroenteritis, we take the informationontheadditionalprecautionarymeasuresOneHealth(OH)approach,inwhichtheMinistryof employers can take at the workplace. At the same time,Health (MOH) leads SFA and NEA in conducting joint operatorsoffoodestablishmentswereremindedtoinvestigations. During such joint investigations, SFA obtains maintainhighstandardsofhygieneandcleanlinesstofood and environmental samples for laboratory testing.safeguard public health and public confidence.In FY 2019, SFA participated in 42 joint OH investigations InMarch2020,strictersafedistancingmeasureswerein SFA-licensed premises (e.g. restaurants and caterers), implemented by the government to minimise exposureas well as non SFA-licensed premises such as pre-schools to COVID-19. SFA-licensed F&B outlets were allowed toand their in-house kitchens. operate, provided that there was no provision of public entertainment of any kind. MAJOR GASTROENTERITIS Safe distancing measures were also enforced at JFP, SFP,INCIDENTS and PPWC. To reduce mingling at these premises, only(FY 2019)wholesale, distribution, and food-trade related personnel were allowed to enter. Affected customers were advisedFoodborne causes 22to arrange for delivery or purchase the goods from wet markets, supermarkets, and other retail points. Non-foodborne causes(Likely person-to-person transmission/via9contaminated surfaces)Inconclusive 3Pending 8Total 4242 SINGAPORE FOOD AGENCYANNUAL REPORT 2019/20'