b'ENSURING SAFE FOOD FOR ALLKEEPING WATCH OVER LOCAL FOOD ESTABLISHMENTSSFA licenses all farms and food establishments in Singapore, including slaughterhouses, food processing/manufacturing establishments, and food retail establishments. Food storage warehouses are registered. LICENSING & REGISTRATION OF LOCAL FARMS & ESTABLISHMENTS(FY 2019)Type of establishment No. of licences No. of registrationsFarm 222 Processing/manufacturing 1,424 Central kitchen 252Cold store 174Retail48,784 Warehouse1,207In addition, inspections are carried out to ensure that these establishments comply with licensing conditions and regulatory requirements, as well as observe proper biosecurity, food safety, and hygiene practices. In FY 2019, SFA inspected 222 local farms, 1,424 food processing/manufacturing establishments, and 48,784 food retail establishments.Samples are also collected for a range of food safety tests. We follow up on any food safety infringements, including taking enforcement action and requiring operators to rectify the lapses. During the FY, a majority of samples from local farms (99%), slaughterhouses (97%), and food processing/manufacturing (98%) establishments passed our laboratory tests. For samples from food retail establishments and central kitchens, about 78 percent and 93 percent, respectively, passed our laboratory tests.OVERALL INSPECTION, SAMPLING, LABORATORY TESTS AND COMPLIANCE RATES (FY 2019)Inspections Type ofInspection visitsdetected withSamples establishment Licensees conducted non-compliance collected Lab test pass %Local farms & processing/manufacturing establishments:Farm 222 2,835 10 1,131 99.20Slaughterhouse 18 1,115 43 14,063 97.28Processing/ 1,424 4,603 211 115 98.26manufacturingTotal 1,664 8,553 264 15,309Local retail establishments & central kitchens: Central kitchen 252 791 77 61 93.44Retail48,784 70,713 1,799 357 78.43Total 49,036 71,504 1,876 41840 SINGAPORE FOOD AGENCYANNUAL REPORT 2019/20'