b'ENSURING SAFE FOOD FOR ALLRegulating importersFood importers are required to apply for import permits for each consignment of food imported into Singapore. Every consignment of food has to be declared and accompanied by valid import permit(s). This ensures accountability, food traceability, and food recalls if infringements are found. In FY 2019, we issued more than one million import permits to about 15,000 licensed or registered importers.LICENSING AND REGISTRATION OF IMPORTERS (FY 2019) Number of Licensed or Registered ImportersMeat and meat products &2,575Fish and fish products Fruits and vegetables1,337Processed food &11,292Eggs and egg products TOTAL15,204Number of Import PermitsProcessed food506,814Eggs and egg products756Meat and meat products24,172Fish and fish products190,651Fruits and vegetables279,591TOTAL1,001,98436 SINGAPORE FOOD AGENCYANNUAL REPORT 2019/20'